Monday, February 8, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ February 8th ~ Valentines 2016 ~ Lets Get Hitched Mix Tape ~

I find it only appropriate and apart of the expected romance time line that we go from a " Riding Solo " mix tape to a " Lets Get Hitched " mixed tape . I mean , the world expects us to go from zero to 25th anniversary in no time anyway , we might as well appease them via our mix tape if nothing else . Right ?! Most of the tunes on this list will be coming from a play list I had made several years back for a friends lingerie shower invitation . I had made a wedding/love themed mix cd and the cd art was the invitation with all the party details on it . I thought it was a fun , different way to invite everyone and it also gave them a keep sake of sorts from the night . To get further details on that project feel free to click HERE to be redirected to the post .

Little Big Town - " Little White Church "
fr " The Reason Why "

I am starting the " Lets Get Hitched " mix tape with Little Big Towns , " Little White Church " from their 4th studio released album , " The Reason Why " . I love the line " Mama warned me ' bout your games . She don't like you anyway . " . This isn't exactly a love song so much as a ultimatum , but I love it and think it totally fits on a " Lets Get Hitched " mix tape .

Second track on our list , an ode to the friendship that got you to the relationship , Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat's duet , " Lucky " . A soft , but catchy tune , echoing the sentiments of gratefulness and luck in finding " The One " and the good news that not only do you love them , you like them . I have always believed the best relationships have a solid friendship as a foundation . Love is one thing , but to like someone is really what keeps you going and living life as a pair . In my humble , single girl , opinion .

I am all about being all about , your significant other ( in proper context & setting ) . This is not me giving you permission to get all gross on a airplane infront of a bunch of people who can't run away from your love over flow . Don't get it twisted . I am more so saying , I love when a couple is proud of one another and do not care who knows it . I think it is cute when a fella grabs his girls hand in public , letting everyone know they are a pair . It doesn't always have to be a big gesture to let someone know , you are all about , being all about them . LOL ! One of the reasons I LOVED the TV show " How I Met Your Mother " , was how they had written " Lily " & " Marshalls " love for one another . Forget " Romeo and Juliet " , I wanna love like " Lily and Marshall " . I think that " Lily " would have loved to serenade " Marshall " with Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man " . In fact , she probably did , behind closed doors of course . The female in this song is admiring all that makes her man a man from her point of view and with no shame lets everyone know how crazy she is about him , head to toe .

Now that we have given the fella in our life a shout out , it is time for him to return the favor . For this , I am going to Gym Class Hero's . You may be thinking " wwwhhaaaaa ????? " , but you'll see . Travi McCoy and his crew gave Katy Perry her first video cameo as she and McCoy happen to be a couple at the time of this video shoot . I don't know if this song was pinned while they where dating , but it would totally make sense to me if it was . It's a very Katy kind of love song . " Cupid's Chokehold " is a fella telling his dad about the girl he found . He complains as well as brags on her ways of loving him , putting up with him and knowing he has come across a gem of a gal . I would love to share the video with you , but at the moment all I can seem to find are the covers and there are aaaaaaalllllllooooooottttttttt of covers . So , my apologies . Again , you can cruise youtube , amazon or iTunes to give it a listen for yourself . It is an older tune so it may not be at the top of the search list .

Train - " Marry Me "
fr " Save Me , San Francisco "

How is it possible to have a " Lets Get Hitched " mix with out Train's " Marry Me " . It immediately rose to the top of the most request wedding songs charts . I am unsure I have been to a wedding in the last 5 or so years and not heard it . I can't say that blame any of these brides that have chosen it for their weddings . I mean , it is spot on and no , that is not Howie Mendel playing the guitar . It is however his amazing doppelganger and a member of Train .

One last tune for our lil ' tape , The Pretenders , " I'll Stand By You " . Classic . Will ALWAYS be a love song that stands the test of time . It's beautiful and a perfect sentiment to what " love " really is . Thick or thin , richer or poorer , in good times and bad , I'll stand by you .

My Valentines Mix Tapes could genuinely go on for days . I am using the only discipline I have to keep these lists small . I wanted to do the mix tapes not to do the work for you , but to give you inspiration for your Valentine creativity . I hope that they have done that for you .

As I close this post , here is my Valentine to you . No matter your " love " situation , know that you are perfect the way you are . You are worthy of love and capable of handing out love . Don't get hung up on what everyone else says love looks like , feels like , acts like and focus on how you have been made and how you have been called to love . Also , know that you ARE loved !!! I appreciate everyone of you and your continued love for #TheFaithJournals !! Thank you for being you .
Bruno Mars - " Just The Way You Are "
fr " Doo-Waps and Hooligans "

Happy Valentines Day !!!
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