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Re-Post ~ A Fashionable Valentines 2014 ~

What I'd Like to Wear This Valentines .
Vera Wang #NYFW2014 #Fall2014

When asked , "Where is your happy place ?" the answer is usually , "my closet" . So, I find it no coincidence that New York Fashion Week and Valentines Day fall in the same week . Valentine dates tend to be the dates that everyone works especially hard at looking snazzy for . And the week leading to it every one is looking their best in hopes of snagging a Valentine date ! ;-)  As I gathered pictures for this post I realized that I have the habit of wearing my heart on my sleeve.....feet , wrist , waist , & ears.
Shoes -rue21 /Belt - Torrid
My previous posts Thinking of You , Girlfriends & Wives , & Boyfriends & Husbands all had the purpose of helping you plan the perfect gift , date or activity . With todays post I would love to help you pick the perfect outfit !! While I tend to be a function over fashion in my day to day dress I know that there is nothing quiet like getting dolled up . My opinion on clothing choices is different than that of most fashion followers . Mine being if you aren't comfortable in what you're wearing , it isn't worth wearing . Ever see a girl who doesn't know how to walk in heels , walk in heels ? BABY DEER !!! Point made . Keep that in mind as you dress for your Valentines day , what makes you comfortable also makes you HOTTT!!! We are our hottest when confident and content in what we are wearing (ex. see baby deer/heels sentence above . I tried to find a image of a fawn in high heels and couldn't find one. I'm sorry.)

Even if you do not have a drawer full of Valentine themed clothing like I do , I am sure that you can borrow or purchase a little SOMETHING to help you walk the halls of your office/school like they're your runway .Just because February 14th will be oozing with pink , red and white doesn't mean that it has to be everyone's' dress code for the day . I personally am drawn to this black "love" sweater from Old Navy .  I purchased it several winters ago , but I am confident that they have something Valentine focused on their racks or online this year like the  "Follow Your Heart" sweater found at THIS link . One of the fun things about shopping at Old Navy is that they often have outfits for the entire family . So, if you are wanting to do a Valentine family , engagement or matchy-matchy date night photo they usually have coordinating items for everyone and at a reasonable price . My vote , if you go with the cute sweater , pair it with a skirt , tights and boots/heels .  If you aren't a skirt kind of girl then I suggest the sweater , pick a complementing under shirt that is several inches longer than the sweater , skinny jeans and once again boots/heels . (you may do minimum jewelry if you are expecting some bling as a V-Day gift) . I would do boots with either outfit simply because of the winter weather headed my way .
Sweater- Old Navy
If you aren't really in a place or mood to splatter the word "LOVE" across your chest then you may be more incline to have subtle hints of the day as part of your wardrobe . Little glistening baubles on your ears , neck or wrist always tend to make a day better . Or if you plan on spending the day inside (considering the impending snowpocalypse I very well may) you can sport some Valentine sweats to keep you warm and cozy .
Earrings - Target/Bracelet - Torrid / Sweats -Victoria Secret
Two of my favorite things - Love & Pink !
P.S. Sweats can be cutesy too ! Add a hoodie like THIS ONE also from Victoria Secret and you are ready for a cozy night in with your besties or workin' it out in the gym . (Yes, I know VS sells more than sweats....that's not what this post is about , perv! :-)  If you need me to pick out your undergarments then the problem is bigger than a Valentine series of posts can solve . ) Now, looking for something to tote your dolla dolla bills in or maybe just your lip gloss ?! Try this oh so sweet , "Sweetheart Coin Purse" by Vera Bradley . It would make a cute addition to any bag . It also has a key ring and clip on it making it handy to attach to your key fob , belt loop or bracelet insuring you won't lose it while out on the town ! One of my favorite out on the town type clutches has a bracelet attached to it and I think it is the BEST IDEA EVER for out on the town night owls .
No matter what your Valentine plans are or your personal style is , there can always be a way to , in the wise words of Tim Gunn , "Make It Work!" . I did not address all your outfit options , but my goal was to get you thinking about YOUR closet , jewelry box and shoe rack as you plan for Valentines .  I hope that this post was the bright spot in your mid-week slump . I can't wait to see what you wear this Valentines Day !! Please report back with photo's and comments in the comment section !! 

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