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Re-Post ~ Girlfriends & Wives ~ Valentines 2014

Ladies - Let us not put all the pressure of Valentines Day just on the guys . Yes, it is kinda thought of as a holiday for females . I mean at least that is what the advertisers would have us believe , but do not neglect the idea of doing something special for your man . Now, not being a dude I can not say 100% that some of our ideals hold true for them as they do us . i.e. it's the thought that counts . However , I am going to write this with that idea in mind , based off of my observations of the male species. In case you missed it I wrote yesterday on date and gift ideas to help out the "boyfriends & husbands" . You can read that link for some ideas of your own too !!

In my observations guys tend to be much more simple in their idea of romance or quality time . In a effort to keep this "G" rated I am going to skip over some of the more obvious ideas that one might have when deciding what to plan for her husband on Valentines day . I'll just expect that you already have that figured out . Now for those of you that have boyfriends or just a special fella you are wanting to celebrate on Valentines I am hoping to provide you with some fun ideas . Starting with the literal slam dunk....

SPORTING EVENTS !! The majority of my guy friends thoroughly enjoy a good baseball game and at this point you can't swing a bat and not find one in your city or close to it . When I lived in Chattanooga you could get a ticket to the Lookouts for as low as $8.00 , it was called a Wednesday lunch ticket . It included the seat, a hot dog and soda . Check your hubs or bfs fave teams web page for deals like these . I am pretty sure a season pass/tickets would be a "home run" , if you will . :-) Don't forget all the other sports more than likely offer these kinds of deals also . BONUS POINTS: Join him at a few of these games ! He will like that you are taking interest in something he is interested in and that all the quality time spent doesn't have to be just on your terms .

MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION - No, not that kind of magazine subscription !! A sports focused magazine would more than likely be a winner . If your special guy isn't really all that into sports there are also men's fashion , political , travel , and what not out there . If you aren't exactly sure which one would be the right one then take a moment the next time you are at his place to look around . NOT NOSE AROUND !! No one likes a nosey rosy !! But check to see if he keeps a particular news paper, magazine, etc. laying around . He will feel really special knowing that you noticed such a small detail . BONUS FOR YOU: if you collect Coca-Cola Rewards you may even be able to get a subscription for FREE !!! If  a traveler has your heart may I recommend Conde Nasts, Traveler magazine .

FOOD. Food is always a good idea !- I have never had a guy decline an invitation to a meal....even when it was just left overs . Guys love to eat . It is something in their DNA . I joke with one of my besties that her man is a mini pony he can eat so much . To put it in terms you can better is their version of flowers !  Cook him dinner , take him to his favorite sports bar , or even more amazing have his lunch delivered to him one day at work . It will be a break to the monotony of his normal lunch and a awesome surprise . It seems these days there are tons of wing places and sandwich shops that deliver so it doesn't have to be just pizza .  BONUS POINTS : You deliver the food and have lunch with him . I can see you now with your picnic basket in tow .

OUTDOORSY GUY - Maybe your man is not really the kind to sit through a entire ball game or have a subscription to a magazine . Maybe yours is more of the , "lets explore the great out doors" kind . Plan a fun fishing , hiking or hunting trip for him and his buddies .  Most states have a parks and rec link on their state web site with information about when , where , and how for these kinds of things . Men love weekends where they don't have shower or shave and get to be all primal.....or so I am told . I have one guy friend that I am pretty sure if he can't set something on fire , trap an animal , or cut down a tree at least every couple of weeks , he may die .

I HEART NERDS - Maybe a intellectual has your heart , I would point back to the idea of a magazine subscription . Something specific to his point of  interest . There is basically a magazine for everyone now . I would also suggest a good book , debate or documentary screening . If you aren't sure just yet of what book might be best then a gift card to or your local book store would be amazing too . Then he can pick out exactly what he wants and you don't have to worry about returns . Also , if you live in a college town there are often bonus lectures given by guest or tenured professors that don't require enrolment to attend .  BONUS POINTS: Attend a lecture or documentary with him . Again, it isn't about absolutely loving ALL of the same things . It is about making and taking time for one another in whatever way you can . The more you spend time with someone learning about their interest the more you learn about them and why these things interest them .

DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE - It is easy in all holidays to get a little self-centered and wrapped up in thoughts of our own gratification . Why not take some time as a couple to do something for someone else this Valentines ? Do you know a single parent ? Or perhaps a set of parents that are extremely over extended ? Why not offer to baby sit so that they can have a special night out ? Or cook/buy them dinner and have it delivered to their home . I am confident any mother/wife will appreciate that 100% !! Maybe there is/are a singleton(s) in your group of friends , how about making it a group game night ?! Valentines can be especially hard on those wishing for love and a group event where they don't have to feel so isolated may really be the thing that makes the day bearable . Taking part in such unselfish activities can be a bonding experience for a couple . It helps you to see the true heart of the one you are investing all this time and emotion into.....(in my humble opinion , but what do I know #singleandlovin'it) . Again , it shouldn't be about what you are doing or getting , but rather who you are getting to spend your time with .

This is literally the picture in my head as I wrote that last sentence .

My list could go on and on with ideas, but in an effort to not repeat myself I will send you back to Sunday's blog post "boyfriends & husbands"  for more Valentines ideas . At the core of it all it should really just be about taking a moment to think about the other person . What might be right for your man may not be right for someone else's . I hope that this small list gets you inspired and sets of your creativity . May this be your best Valentines Day yet !!

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