Sunday, January 20, 2013

Frame ~ Christmas ~ Valentines Wreath

Everyone knows I love a inexpensive , creative , multi-purpose project . For Christmas this year I went against the "norm" and hung a picture frame turned wreath on my front door . I also went against the normal holiday colors . This frame had originally been gold with a piece of card board in it . Something you'd see in a dollar or clearance section . While in it's original state it once hung in my old apartment . However, since the move it didn't really match any thing. So, I kept it to the side waiting for a new use . I used a flat head screw driver to remove the card board that had been originally in the center of the frame . It had been stapled in . I then primed the gold frame with white spray paint .

I did all this spray painting in the warmer fall months . After spray painting the frame I let it dry for about 45 minutes or so . I wasn't too crazy about getting every nook and cranny primed . Since it was planned to hang on my door I knew it would be mostly viewed from afar .

Once the primer was dry I added a coat of pink spray paint . Again , letting it dry about 45 minutes before moving further in the project . After the paint had dried completely I added some gold snow flakes tied to gold ribbon . The snow flakes had come in a multi-pack for just a $1.00 . They are something I'd had from several Christmas' ago . The ribbon was also something I'd had left over from either gift wrapping or crafting . I then hot glued a glitter gold bow ornament to the center bottom to complete the look . The gold bow had also been a old Christmas ornament . I love pink and glitter so, this was totally a reflection of me.  Since my wreath hook was gold I thought it all went together nicely .
Now that I'm past the winter holidays I wanted to find a new purpose for my wreath . I had several ideas , but went with this one . I already had this foam, flower and ribbon heart from valentines yearsssssssssss ago . I've always kept it and used it now and then for varied events , decor , etc . With my pink frame I though it might make the perfect Valentines wreath for my front door . I untied the snow flakes and pried off the hot glued bow . Luckily there wasn't any significant paint damage . And again since it's going to hang on my front door even if there had been paint damage it wouldn't have been too big a deal since most of it's beauty will be taken in from afar .

I simply used the ribbon that was already attached to the flower heart to attach it then to the frame . It is currently hanging on my front door ever so sweetly . If you don't already have a flower heart they aren't all that difficult to make . You just need some foam , flowers and ribbon .  At this time of year heart shapes are everywhere . 
Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose.....and then Repurpose again.

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