Sunday, January 20, 2013

~ Sick Day Supplies ~

The last twelve days have been a bit exhausting . I've had a rough case of bronchitis/sinusitis . My sweet Papaw had to spend 4 days in the hospital . There was a small snow day that made travel more of an issue for those helping Papaw  and I have hated that I couldn't be of help to my family while he's been sick . After a full box of tissues , 2 bottles of cough syrup , bag of cough drops , bottle of pocketbac , and more juice/tea than I measured I'm very glad though to be on the mend and for Papaw to finally be home . Some things that I noticed during these sick days was how I was able to rest and be less of a burden to others at the height of feeling bad simply because the Lord has prepared ahead for me .

I wrote multiple times during the Holiday season on savings , discounts, sales and couponing . I didn't know then that my discount shopping would be the provision I'd need later . I'd had several coupons that I almost didn't cut because I thought I might not need them . Lesson learned . If you look at the coupon for more than a glance you might as well cut it out . I mean , if you don't use it you can give it to someone else . I had several coupons for around forty cents off of 2 cans of soup . Since chicken noodle soup tends to be inexpensive I'd used it for that flavor to stock up , "just in case" . I also happen to have a box of lotion tissue in my hall closet that had been free with the purchase of cough medicine . I'm so grateful that even though I hadn't needed those items at the time of purchase I went ahead and took the time , spent the few bucks , and purchased them . It truly saved me in the long run .

If you're wondering ,  I'm not writing just to brag . hahaha! I'm writing to give you some sick day lists . Things to keep in mind as you cut coupons , skim sales papers and do your weekly shopping . You don't have to purchase all you MIGHT need in one trip . But if you add a item to your weekly shopping each week you may be surprised how helpful it is when you're in need .

~ Sick Day Supplies ~
Tissues - I've become a fan of the kind with lotion in them
Cough Drops - I love Halls Honey Lemon.
Cough Syrup - If you're gonna be home sick , might as well get the kind that helps you sleep.
Nothing helps you heal like rest .
Chap stick - all the nose blowing and sneezing can dehydrate your pucker.
Anti-Bacterial Gel - Be real. You're not gonna walk to the bathroom and
wash your hands every time you sneeze and blow your nose .
Vapor Rub - Word is if you put it on your feet and wear socks it'll work magic.
Throat Numbing Spray - I've found the brand doesn't matter . So generic is fine .
JUICE !!! Hot Tea !! Honey !! Fresh Fruit !!
Thermometer - I vote all house holds should have one .
Chicken Noodle & Vegetable Soup - Canned soup lasts for years .
So, if you purchase it and don't use it for several months it's still no loss .
I'm sure there are endless amounts of things that could be added to the list .
 Please feel free to make your additions and share them with us .
Photo: Heating up some home soup from my sweet aunt pat. Just what the dr ordered on such a cold, rainy, stressful and sicky day. Thanks aunt pat for being so thoughtful !!
While I've been sick one of my sweet Aunts brought me home made soup , crackers and cough drops . It truly brightened my sick day and really helped me out . I ate on that soup for 3 meals . When you're truly feeling unwell just microwaving something sounds like work . It also helped my family to know I was being taken care of when they needed to focus their attention on Papaw . If for some reason you are one of the lucky ones that never or very rarely gets ill then perhaps this list will inspire an act of kindness . Most of these items would work great in a
 "Feel Better Soon" care package . 
Happy Couponing ! Happy Care Packaging !


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