Thursday, January 17, 2013

~Sugar Daddy~

(I apologize for the hot mess that is the organization and placement of the photo's in this blog .
 I'm having technical difficulties today. I blame the weather. )

I'm on day 8 of bronchitis/sinusitis/fever , day 3 of sweet Papaw being back in the hospital , day 3 of rain and hour 2 or 3 of snow/sleet falling from the sky . So, to say that I'm getting cray cray in my quarantined uncontrolable existence would be an understatement . I've been working feverishly (pun inteded) to rest, heal, follow doctors strict orders,  keep my spirits up and keep in mind that God is in control . I hate not being able to help my family while Papaw is in the hospital . I'm sadly not allowed to be around people or out in the cold, rainy and snowy weather . I mean, unless I want to be sick for longer that is .  I also don't want to be that thoughtless girl who spreads her kooties while she's sick .  I'm so grateful for Jack Davis' company in times like this .

As I work on keeping my spirits up  (in all of this uncontrolableness it is work) I've been focusing on the things I have to be thankful for . My thought is if I don't focus on the good , the bad very well may kill me . I'm grateful that my mom lives close enough to help out my g'parents in times like this when I can't . I'm grateful for my great aunt who brought a mason jar's worth of her recreation of my great g'ma's home made soup . I ate the last of it today and it's been such a blessing . I'm also grateful for things like Gilmore Girls Box Sets , cable with tons of channels , internet , warm jammies , my inhaler , hot tea , and a miriad of other things .

Today I needed to muster up the energy to do some dishes and some picking up around the house . I was drowning in dirty bowls , spoons , and over flowing trashcans full of tissues and empty medicine pouches . Once I got the energy up , thank you Starbucks ground coffee for the home , I thought I'd make a little snow/sick day snack . One of my favorite Chattanooga couples got me a Sugar Daddy for Christmas . No , no , not the sugar daddy that will purchase me diamonds and Coach bags , but the candy kind . And not just any puny pocket sized Sugar Daddy , but a half pounder .

I knew there was no way my teeth would survive actually eating this sugary treat . So, I debated what other options there may be for it other than just keeping it as a memory . Today I had a UREKA moment . Necessity is the mother of invention . I decide to see if I could melt down this half pound caramel confection . I made a double boiler , sprayed my smaller pan with cooking spray ,  added about a 1/4th cup of milk and set the stove on medium/low .

Turns out , it worked . It took about an hour to melt into a total liquid . I didn't want to turn it on too high of a heat considering this was an experiment .

While my sugar daddy melted I prepared a pan for caramel pop corn making . I placed a sheet of tin foil on the length and width of the cookie sheet and sprayed it with cooking spray . Once my caramel was a total liquid I put some microwaveable keetle corn in the microwave for 3 1/2 minutes . Don't forget once the popcorn is popped to sift out the extra seeds that didn't pop . Other wise once you cover it with caramel you may have a few unkind surprises when
you bite into your candy coated treat.

While the pop corn was still warm,  with a baggie on my hand to protect from the heat of the caramel and pop corn , I poured the hot , melted caramel over the popcorn and moved it around the sheet to cover it all .

TA-DA!!!! A Yummy , snow day snack !! I saved just a bit of the caramel to use later in a possible Caramel Machiato or something else yummy and delicious .

To keep the clean up easy I put the small pan that I had used to melt the caramel in a empty sink and poured the hot water from the double boiler into it to remove the extra caramel . Otherwise I may have been scraping and soaking this pan for days .

What have you found, purchased or recived lately that can be repurposed ?
Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose
Happy Snow Day !

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