Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine Snow Day Activity

8 Cups , 12 pencils , 6 sicker books , 6 Russel Stover
Chocolate Hearts , & 2 Sets of Window Clings
W/ Walgreen's Bonus Card & Coupons $10.00

I just wanted to do a quick update on a Valentine deal you may not want to pass up . I wrote here , about the Walgreen's Christmas themed deals from December . I also wrote here about the "Creative Pay It Forward" challenge a friend told me about . I thought that with this weeks Valentine themed deals in the Walgreen's ad it may inspire some of you to combine the two . If not it is also a great deal for anyone that has Valentines to make or buy for their little ones , Sunday or Elementary school classes and would even make for some great party favors if you are hosting a Valentine event . Especially with the popularity of the at home printable this could really save someone a buck or two . Boxed Valentines are usually 4 or 5 bucks depending .

I also read today about a fun snow day activity . If you live any where like I do you've had multiple already this Winter . Anyway , it suggested if you have school aged children to use some of a snow day to get ahead on those class Valentines by making them at home or even if you already had yours purchased by going ahead and filling them out and addressing the envelopes . I thought it was a great suggestion ! It also suggested things such as cutting heart shaped place mats' out of old news papers just to make the activity even more themed and fun for your children . I thought it might be cute to make a day of the theme and put red food coloring in their milk for Valentine Milk or to use heart shaped cookie cutters to cut their sandwich that day. Those would also be fun ideas for the actual Valentine Day . I know when I went to Elementary school we almost always had some sort of party that day . So , I would wake up excited about the day . This would just make it even more special for your lil' one(s) .

Anyway , just a little FYI and perhaps some Valentine inspiration . What have you done on this rainy day ?

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