Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shhh Baby Sleeping

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit a friend that recently had a little girl . Calliope Sage , the sweetest little thing I've seen in a long time . She's adorable with blond eye lashes and the cutest little nose ever . This is my friends first little one and I was of course so excited to see them both . Aunt Stacie however could not show up with out a little something to celebrate the occasion .

With a new little one it is expected that people will want to come by to offer congratulations and spoil the new princess . However , not every one calls or checks in first . So, I thought that in an attempt to help alert delivery men or surprise guest this might be a nice something for them to have .

I simply took a piece of card board  and mod podged some cute scrap book paper to it . Since my friend didn't find out pre-birth what sex her little one was going to be I tried to keep the theme of the sign unbiased . I am always buying letter stickers when I find them on sale at craft stores . Not just for scrap booking, but for projects like this . I had thought about painting the paper, but I don't have the steadiest of hands . After arranging the letters I added a little bit of hot glue to them just for extra support .
I then attached some cute ribbon decorated with onesies to the back of the board as a hanger . Again , I just hot glued it to the board . Since they have screen doors there is a barrier between the sign and the elements .

I'm hoping that this sweet reminder will help keep my friend and her little one from being disturbed during nap time .

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