Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow Day

This weekend has been a cold and snowy one for my little town . The view this a.m. across from my house were these beautiful snow dusted tree's . They looked like something from a Holiday card . One of the many things I love about snow is the silence it brings with it . Especially in the morning when people are waiting for things to melt a bit before trying to get on the roads . Snow seems to give us permission to slow down , do a few indoor projects , try a new recipe or two and to relax a little . Jack and I took the morning to play in the snow a bit . He loveeeesssss running in the snow . You'd think since he's so close to the ground he wouldn't enjoy it , but he does .
If I didn't put clothes on him I'd lose him in all the white . He loves to run in the snow . The only down side is that the little guy has long fur so he ends up looking more like a snow ball than a dog when he is done . He apparently doesn't mind the inconvenience . It's very hard to get him to come back to the house on days like today .
After playing in the snow I did a few house chores , worked on a craft project and enjoyed some home made crock pot pot roast . It is the first time I've ever made it with out a pre-assembled seasoning mix . With the help of my good friend Ashleigh G. I was able to make it to near perfection . It was a great meal for this snow covered weekend .
Jack however was a little snow drunk after his time in the white fluff . He also needed to thaw very badly . His little tummy and paws had snow balls over them .Since he hates the hair dryer so much , I wrapped him in a warm towel and we sat by the heat vent for a little while . Once I left him alone to fix lunch he stretched out to relax in the warm cozyness of his bed .
I hope that you've had a wonderful weekend and maybe even enjoyed some nice winter weather . Have you worked on any projects or tried any new recipes ?

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