Tuesday, February 19, 2013

~ Where I Come From ~

*WARNING: If you do not have a sense of humor or nostalgia I would encourage you not to read this post .If you have both of those things...prepare yourself for photo awesomeness that cannot be made up .Photo edits were only used to block out phone numbers or addresses . No other alterations were made .   
 - Christian Morganstern
I come from a small town in East Tennessee . It doesn't seem to be known for much , but it's my home . Some (like myself) grow up with only one plan , to leave it . For a few it becomes  a reflection in the rear view . I admit for a time it was for me as well . After High School I had no plans of coming back other than for Holiday visits or the occasional wedding . I mean , isn't that how most look at their hometown ? No matter how big or small many find their home town as a place to leave in the dust . As I find myself back in this town I realize that I've lived and visited  varied cities ranging in little and much to do, but when in one place for too long it seems most people say , "there's nothing to do here" . I suppose that might be so if you aren't really looking or haven't gotten the opportunity to experience anything else . I've had the blessed opportunity to travel not only to various cities/states, but amazing countries as well . I confess the beauty and mystery found abroad is intoxicating . If afforded the chance I'd love to travel more . However, no place will ever take the place of my hometown . It's filled with familiar faces , places and memories I would never trade . It made me , me . Today I had the chance to reminisce , laugh and simply be entertained by this sweet little town I call home .
"Another winter day has come and gone away,
In even Paris and Rome, and I wanna go home.Let me go home... "
- Michael Buble - Home

~Free Coffee with Fill Up~
Get your hair done and your carry permit all in one stop . Another beauty shop in town sells certified knives . You're welcome busy multitasking modern women of today .
 You're welcome .

- John Ed Pierce
I love my hometown . Flaws and all . However, until you have truly spent some time here you will never understand what is like to be from here . Often when I am telling friends from other places about home I feel as though they think I am making up my stories . If I could make this stuff up......well, let's just say my writings would go for a much higher price than a blog supplies . I'd be considered one of the most creative minds of our time I'm sure . Today's story begins with one of my "to-do's" that included taking Papaw to run a few errands and go to a appointment . In my driving up and down the streets of my town I started noticing things . Once I started noticing I couldn't stop . So, after I dropped Papaw off at home I picked up my faithful travel companion Jack Davis and took a drive . I proudly boast of driving up and down the streets and back roads of my town for most of the day with the fuel gage in my car barely budging . Take that Gas Hike !! #SMALLTOWNSRULE
Land of the Mini Pony
(No, these aren't mine....but they should be.)
"If I could just come in, I swear I'll leave . Won't take nothing but a memory."
Miranda Lambert - House that Built Me
I've taken on a motto in life when it comes to photography . I don't ever want to be so consumed with my camera , my appearance or a "should take a pic" thought that I miss the people or the meaning of the moment . So, most of the time I only use my cell phone camera for "Kodak Moments" . Hence....the photography of today . Welcome to where I come from. I hope you enjoy your tour . Prepare to see a few pretty things and several funny things .

Cove Lake State Park
If we went to school together and you proclaim ever going the right way when given this option at the park I would like to proclaim you a liar . #CLASSOF97ROCKEDIT

JD had no idea a flock of Geese sat behind him until just before I took this pic . Otherwise it would have been a very entertaining pic of JD sitting and many Geese preparing
to attack him in the back ground . We also nearly became a hillbilly version of Dorothy and Toto on this blustery visit to the park . Needless to say we did not stay long .

These pictures are proof that Mr. Joe Moore couldn't be more correct.
 I repeat....you just can't make this stuff up .
*WARNING: If you do not have a sense of humor I would encourage you not to continue reading. The following is truly just my  humor coming out to play .  
We do not live in a bubble . We have air !
"Bag Sale Today . Closed" . Jerks! Why tease like that ?! Please note that as I drove past a car wash around noon it's blinking banner proclaimed "Terrific Tuesday !! $1.00 Car Wash" . The chains however preventing a car from pulling in proclaimed CLOSED !
I'd like to know when we got a water park . To all my friends from afar that have come to visit me in my small town I do apologize for this oversight . I have decided to start reading the local news paper due to this new information and clearly huge oversight .
Raise your hand if you were drunk and in charge of hanging the beer sign .
You're welcome world !!!
Maybe whoever hung the beeRR sign is the reason the youth are on fire and
 we're asking people to come see . I mean , I know there's not a lot to do in town, but........I mean. Must we set fire to the youths?!
Meat Market.....Fresh Broccoli ?!
Think Before You Burn - Town Motto....for so many reasons .
Maters, Taters & More
I'd like to say that attaining this "Maters, Taters and More"  photo along with several others became a near death experience on this overly blustery day . So, I took what I could get. I apologize for missing out on "Jank Cars" , "B'fast and Lunch Served"....at the Tobacco Store , the street sign with about six words large enough to require a bill board and the truck parked beside the "No Vehicles Beyond This Point" sign . I'll leave those for another day I suppose .
I repeat . I am NOT a hometown hater by any means not even a little . Someday , this town may once again appear in my rear view , but I am grateful for what it has and continues to give me . It will always be home and what made me the person I am today . I hope to never lose that . I love the people I've had the privilege to grow up with and the few I've been able to stay connected to . Not everyone has the gift of growing up in one place . I loved today and spent most of it laughing and wishing that a few of my hometown and out of town buddies were with me to enjoy it .
"I feel no shame . I'm proud of where I came from . I was born and raised in the boondocks . One thing I know , no matter where I go . I keep my heart and soul in the boondocks . "
Little Big Town - Boondocks
NOTICE: All photo's were taken from the safety of the side of the road at a complete stop. I know what "click it or ticket means" . Wait, that's not what it means is it ?
Where do you come from ? Got any fun photo's to share with the group ?

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