Monday, February 25, 2013

A Promise Kept

As some of you read here , I've been working on a project for a friend called "Beautiful Lengths " . It is a program sponsored by Pantene that takes donated hair and turns it into a wig for a cancer patient that is suffering hair loss due to cancer treatment . I have donated my hair at least twice before to Locks of Love and I find it to be one of the most amazing ways to possibly change a persons life . This time however the impact was quiet a bit more personal . I believe when it comes to cancer everyone knows someone who's been affected by it in one way or another .
October 2012 - Almost Ready For The Cut .

Originally ,  I along with several others had been asked if we would consider growing our hair and donating it in on behalf of a dear friends sister-in-law that at the time was battling breast cancer . Sadly since that first request was made this sweet fighter lost her battle .
Before -Cut Day - 2-25-13
This loss made keeping my word even more important in my opinion . I think that it would've been very easy to back out . To say that since Angie is now gone the donation was no longer meaningful or important . I battled with in myself against vanity and insecurity this time around with my cut . The enemy sure does know what to do to defeat us . I have never had concern when cutting my hair for donation purposes . This time, I think because it was so important , I truly felt attacked .

Wash - Hair must be clean for a Pantene Beautiful
Lengths donation . You can check donation requirements
to find out how you can prepare your hair for donation .
I'm friends with my hair dresser and her daughter so as I sat in her chair  sharing my reason for today's cut I began to feel even stronger about keeping my promise to my friend . I realized even as we spoke how just because my friends sister is now free from her battle that doesn't mean there aren't many more warriors on the field . Warriors that may feel better armed for the battle with a beautiful wig .
9" of bleach, dye and product free hair
I feel passionate about being the change you want to see in the world , giving back when you've been given so much & realization that we all are in a battle of some kind . So, lets help one another through the fight . Today as I kept my promise I felt as though a battle had been won . Not only a small battle for myself against a spiritual enemy , but a battle against vanity and insecurity as well . Once this hair is made into a wig by Pantene it will become a victory for someone else . For most females the reflection in the mirror will never be "perfect" . Imagine dealing with your daily "normal" insecurities while also fighting cancer. This area of attack on cancer and vanity can be fought in your sleep. Literally . Growing my hair was not a task . All I had to do was wash and condition my hair per usual , keep it free of chemicals such as bleach or dye and be patient as it grew .  The more I search for different ways of making an impact on this world and leaving a mark that points back to Him I realize how un-sacrificial my "sacrifices" are in comparison to so many others including my Savior .

I'm so grateful I didn't give in to my insecurities or vanity . It felt so wonderful to send a pic to my bestie letting her know that tomorrow a package will be in the mail to Pantene in memory of her amazing sister-in-law . I'm grateful for God's constant provision not just for myself, but for those I love . I'm grateful that this small "sacrifice" will make a big impact on someones life . Have you ever asked the Lord how He might use you ? Are you looking for some way to give back , love on others , or lift a persons spirits ? I'd like to challenge you to look in the mirror and ask Him what of yourself He might have you "give away" .

Here are a few links to some organizations that may help you find where you can give back .

Locks of Love
Beautiful Lengths
Habitat for Humanity
Red Cross
Salvation Army
Tough Mudder
American Cancer Society


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