Monday, February 25, 2013

I Now Pronounce You

I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs . At Christmas I created my first Sharpie Art "pin-did" from Pinterest . I so ejoyed it that I knew it would be the first of many Sharpie projects . Recently one of my former RA's and dear friend Ashley got engaged . It's such an exciting time for her as she prepares , celebrates , and looks toward not only her wedding day, but her marriage . I wanted to put together a little bag of of a few things to help her to celebrate and prepare for her big day . This gift bag included two more Sharpie Mugs . I began with a few of the sharpies I purchased for a steal over the Holidays .
 I also purchased two plain mugs at the dollar tree to use as my canvas . I washed and dried them prior to begining my drawing . My friends wedding colors are going to be Red and Black . She and her hubby to be are HUGE Alabama fans so it's only fitting . I wanted to use those in whatever I decided to create for them .
I thought going with a Mr. and Mrs. would be super cute and fun . I hear one of the brightest parts to a new brides day is her new name as a Mrs .
I decked out the handles, the inside with a "W" for their last name , and the bottom with the date of their wedding .
For a final fun addition I thought this mustache and lips would be something fun to help get them giggling as they start the day with morning coffee .It took me quiet a while to get the lips drawn . I had been practicing the mustache for so long everything started looking like a mustache . I text several friends photo's as I worked on the project for new eyes to help me see how to correct it and make them look like lips . I did everything free hand so it's not perfect, but it's home made and I love a home made gift .

After finishing all my art work I then baked the mugs on 350 in the oven . Placing them in the oven on a cookie sheet , then turning the oven onto bake and 350 , letting the mugs heat up and cool down with the oven . After about 15 minutes I turned the oven off and let the mugs cool down inside the oven as well . They should now be washable and usable .

I hope you enjoyed these fun little mugs . I'll share in a later post what else I created for her wedding bag . What have you created that's fun and different ?

Congrats Ash and Robbie !

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