Tuesday, December 11, 2012

~ Holiday Baking ~ Holiday "To-Do" ~

Hey Gang !! It's been a few days . I've been a bit under the weather and just haven't seemed to be productive by any means . Other than running a few errands for my grandparents everything else has fallen to the side for a moment . This evening however, I finally got to one of my " pin-spirations"  . My friend Stephanie tested this Pin first and after her success I thought I'd give it a go as well . Most of my close friends know that one of my favorite activities when I lived in Chattanooga was to paint pottery . I introduced the fun creative outlet to several of my dorm girls and colleagues . It quickly became a favorite way to spend quality time together . I think this new craft is going to quickly take the place of my pottery painting for awhile .

I told you here that I was working on a project supplied by some awesome Walgreen's coupons and I'd report back . This is my report . Your supplies are simply a blank mug and your choice of  Sharpie's . I purchased both fine and ultra fine tips in green and red . You could also do this on a blank plate, bowl, serving dish , the options are many .
Mug ~ $1.00 @ the Dollar Tree
I chose a mug with a smooth surface since this is
 my first attempt at this project .

W/ Walgreen's Coupon ~ $0.29 each

Making the total cost for my project $3.16 pls tx . 
After washing and drying the blank mugs I simply sat down and let the creativity flow . Since this was my first try at this idea I was hesitant to try anything too difficult. I'm not a natural artist and my hand writing is awful . So, I wanted to be very careful with my choices . So, I did two different Holiday themed mugs, one decorated with Holly Berries and another with Peppermints .


I love special touches to a home made project . So, being sure to decorate the handles and a little surprise on the inside of the mug became the perfect additions to these mugs . Once I finished my Holiday designs I placed them on a cookie baking sheet in a cool oven . I then turned the oven on bake and 250 leaving the mugs inside to heat up and cool down with the oven . After I turned on the oven I set my timer for 30 minutes . Once they finish baking they will be hand wash & beverage ready . This is the same process I use when painting & baking glass .
I plan to gift these possibly with some Peppermint Tea as a fun Christmas gift to a dear friend . I hope that this little Holiday"pin-did" inspires you to create some of your gifts . After all, it isn't the cost, but the thought that counts , especially in the Holiday season .
Merry Christmas Y'all !!

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