Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy 100th ~ I Was Here ~

According to my blogger counter this is my 100th blog post . WOWSA!!!! It's been a little over a year and a half since I began this journey of blogging . I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with it or if I'd even be able to be consistent . I'm unsure how consistent my readers would consider me, but I'm grateful none the less to have friends, family, and people I have never and may never meet continue to read it . My original thought in sharing my life via blog was that what God may have for me , may not just be for me . You can find my first blog here . As I've walked (typed) the journey of 100 posts I have found that I was absolutely correct , for once . My life journey has not been all that far off from others , surprisingly around the world . I have received texts, comments, emails and FB messages assuring me that I am not the only one that God is still working on . It has been one of the truest forms of therapy and ministry that I've experienced . I mean none of this to boast of myself, but of God . It has been a reiteration that He will use ANYTHING and speak through ANYONE if we just let Him . We don't need to spend so much time asking "How will He use me ?, How can He use me ?" , we've just gotta start doing and saying things that can be used !

The last few days have been very stressful, draining , and just a bit overwhelming . I have several dear loved ones suffering medically . You can read on some of them , how to pray or give back here,  here ,  & here .  It's been rattling my brain how it all seems to happen at once . But that's life , it never happens in small portions . With my 100th blog post and the recent goings on in my world I've been thinking so much on life, death, and the mark we leave behind . What influence have we had on those around us ? I'm not so sure my influence has always been that great . Actually , I'm sure it hasn't . However, I hope that at some point I've been able to point back to the One who has always been there for me . I hope that somewhere along the way someone saw something that would indicate a heart that has been changed and a life that works to reflect that . I'll never be perfect this side of Heaven . That's not what I'm saying . It's that in all my imperfection I would still strive to leave a foot print .

I've been listening to a song by Beyonce for the last few days . Don't laugh, it isn't "put a ring on it" I swear!! I caught a section of it online or tv and had to search it on itunes ASAP . The lyrics really spoke to me and still do . I've been singing along for days in my car as I drive back and forth from the hospital . I could clip different lyrics as examples, but the entire song really is worth a listen and a read in my opinion . The basic story of the song is to live a life that meant something to someone. Leaving behind a mark so that people would know you've been here .

This performance is from the United Nations Humanitarian Day.

If you're considering starting a blog or are wondering how you can get started with leaving your foot print I would encourage you to just step out and make a move of faith . If one thing isn't your "fit", then move onto something else . There are so many different ways to give back and love on folks . As I mentioned here  , one of my current "projects" is something simple that I can literally do in my sleep . Growing my hair , http://locksoflove.org/ or  Beautiful Lengths .   I have a friend that is "that guy ringing the bell " outside of the store during the holidays, http://www.ringbells.org/ . Another friend that ran a Tough Mudder to honor the military , http://toughmudder.com/ . There are so many varied "things" you can get involved in alone or with a group to begin making your mark . It can even be a one time thing . I think it's important for us all to give a little in our own way in order to feel not so small in this big ol' world , like we contributed . It's SO easy to get lost in the enormity of life . I hope that somehow this lil' blog helps encourage you . I don't think it's about being a "hero", "fearless", or even excelling at something . It's just about trying . I hope to leave my foot print in several places as I grow in life , but I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to leave a mark in the blogasphere and in your life via my blog . Thank you for letting me contribute and feel a little less small via The Faith Journals .
Thank you for reading !!
I plan/hope to have at least 100 more to come .


  1. I enjoy your blog. Keep it up! Here's to the next 100! :)

  2. Thanks so much Dana ! I like reading your blog as well .