Thursday, December 6, 2012

~ Hot Chocolate ~ Holiday Recipe ~

One of the best things winter offers is the wonderful excuse to drink chocolate ! Hot chocolate, peppermint mocha's , white mocha latte's & nearly any other other idea your heart desires . Several years ago I began making hot chocolate on the stove . I was snowed in and with out those handy little packets that are so handy . I'm glad I didn't have one because as they say , necessity is the mother of invention . I realize I am by no means the first to make hot chocolate in a sauce pan , but in these busy days it seems like a lost art . Tonight I made my first mug of hot chocolate for the winter and realized I needed to share it with you .

~ Here are my ingredients ~

Everything is per your preference. This just happens to be mine. 
1 1/2 Cup of Milk - I use 2%
10-12 Milk Chocolate Melting Chips
1-2 tsp Vanilla Liquid Coffee Creamer - I used fat free
1 -2 tblsp Cool Whip or Whip Cream - I use fat free
Pre-heat a stove eye on low .
In a small sauce pan spray some non stick cooking spray .
Place the 10-12 melting chips into the sauce pan and stir occasionally aiding in the melting process.
Pour in your 1 1/2 C of Milk and continue slowly stirring until milk is warm .
Pour in 1-2 tsp vanilla creamer, continue stirring .
Once the mixture is the temp of your preference , remove it from the stove and pour into a mug of your choice . Dollop cool whip or whip cream , add mallow and enjoy !!
For the holidays I like to add peppermint like a candy cane and white chocolate melting chips .
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays' !!

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