Thursday, December 6, 2012

~ Holiday "To-Do" Elf on the Shelf ~

This weeks Walgreens Ad inspired today's blog . It was full of wonderful COUPONS !!!!  Coupons for Holiday items such as gift, treat bags , candy and other awesome stuff . What I took advantage of  however are the sharpie , candy cane pens and activity book coupons . I plan to use the Sharpie's for a craft that a friend told me about . I'm sure I'll share about that later once it's complete .

Tied together with a Holiday ribbon they would make a fun
gift for a teacher, secretary , or student  . What a
fun pen to take finals or grade with .

It's been five days of back and forth from the hospital and now that Papaw is home we are all in need of a good lazy day . It is cold and dreary here so it's a perfect day for staying inside, doing some chores, getting some rest and maybe even a little creative-therapy . For me that creative-therapy includes this blog post . I love coupons, kids, thoughtful gifts , and a party . If you do too, this Holiday planning tip will  be perfect for you . The only problem is that the coupons end on Saturday . I should've written this blog entry much sooner, but just didn't have the opportunity . My bad y'all !

If you are hosting, gifting or even baby sitting some little one's this Holiday season then this is a great inexpensive idea for you . Using the coupons in this weeks add , it could potentially only cost you $3.00 . Give or take a buck depending on the amount you need . I know that hosting a dinner or even a small get together when kids are involved  can be like a circus . A fun little something that you could offer to your young guest is a Holiday themed Activity book and Candy Cane shaped/scented pen . I realize that some Host/Hostess have such a large guest list that purchasing a gift for everyone is simply unrealistic . I think however a surprise for the little ones is very doable. Not only will it make them feel special but it will entertain them for a while .
The Activity Books with the coupon are 3 for $1.00. The pens which are a wonderful addition to any Christmas care package or gift are 6 for $1.00 . That is a possibility of 6 lil' prizes for only $3.00 pls tx . Each coupon has a limit as to how many of the items you can purchase so, make note of the small print as you make your list . I feel like the ideas beyond a dinner party gift are endless . Entertainment for A car ride , a Christmas Eve activity , stocking stuffer , something to keep little hands busy during church , or even a Elf on the Shelf activity . You could open to one of the pages, complete part of a activity or coloring page , position your Elf and ta-da a fun morning surprise for your mini-me. I'd love to hear what inspiration you get from this bargain. Feel free to share !!!
I hope this Holiday "to-do" tip helps you mark at least one thing off your list .
Happy Holidays' and Happy Planning !!!

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