Friday, December 21, 2012

~ A Quick Alteration ~ Quick Fix

Tonight I'm looking forward to having a few friends and their daughters over for some Holiday baking . I've been getting the house , ingredients , and Jack Davis all ready and festive for the occasion . I love a Holiday event as you all know so I'm stoked this last minute addition came up . I'm also super stoked that I purchased these  "just in case"  items for younger guests . I told you here about a little inexpensive pre-planning and it looks like it paid off .
Since there are children involved , icing and sprinkles I decided to move my kitchen table decor to the living room . Covering the kitchen table with a disposable and easy clean table cloth . This way we don't have to worry about keeping clean . The best creativity comes from messiness in my creative opinion .
Well, since my living room table is a bit shorter and more narrow than the kitchen table I needed to do a few quick, subtle, & temporary alterations . Since I want to return it to the kitchen table I don't want to commit to any alterations that include needle and thread .

The top view is fine and doesn't really need adjusting . However, since it's a table runner it does have some trim that hangs on either side . That is what I needed to do a little work on . I didn't want it to lay on the floor in a sloppy manner so , I did a quick alteration with two longer paper clips .
I simply folded inward the amount of fabric that was appropriate.
I then placed a long paper clip on either side of the fold.

Since only one side of my table faces guests I only had to make the correction to the non-visible side .

Leaving the front or guest viewed side of the table looking un altered and ready for company .

So, if you are preparing for guests , parties or simply decorating for your family don't let a little needed alteration slow you down . There's no need to commit with hot glue,  thread and needle. Just give it a second glance and maybe the alteration can be as simple as two paper clips .
Happy Planning
Merry Christmas !!

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