Wednesday, December 12, 2012

~ Holiday "to-do" ~ Another Gift, Craft , & Repurpose ~

I think every one gets a tin of pop corn , cookies or other varied goodies at some point in the Holiday season . I believe there are three empty tins in my house from Holidays past .Before you toss those empty tins give them a second thought......and a second purpose .  I have repurposed one of the tin's to hold grocery bags , the other is still TBR (to be repurposed) and the smallest of the tins I have made into what will be a Christmas gift for some of my favorite four legged friends .

I began by spray painting the tin white to cover up the original design. Ignore the frame in the pic . That is another Holiday project I'll share later .
Simple white spray paint ~$0.98 cents

 After letting it dry for a day I then spray painted it the color I wanted . I used pink simply because I already had it on hand . That decided which four legged friend would receive this gift as well .

After letting the tin and lid dry for another day I began prepping the tin for a little labeling & design . I used painters tape to help keep my writing even .
I plan on filling it with home made dog treats . Hoping it will be a good treat container for future treats as well . It'll make a fun and purposeful container to help organize a pantry or closet .
I added a little paw print to the lid and on either side of the word "treat" .
I simply used small and medium circular paint sponges for the paws.
I'm very excited to add treats to this and give it as a gift this Christmas .
What have you created this Holiday season ?
Merry Christmas Y'all !
Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose

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