Wednesday, December 19, 2012

~ More Savings Right At Your Finger Tips ~


I wrote here there is more than one way to stretch, earn and save a  dollar . Here are a just a few more tips to tag onto my last post .  As mentioned many shops offer some sort of rewards, savings, or discount program when you sign up to be a "member". All that I have encountered are free memberships and only help in saving money . If a club cost me I doubt I'd join .  Yesterday I shared how in being a member of these clubs you save on groceries, greeting cards , shipping and other varied items . One more bonus to club memberships with several varied grocers is savings on fuel .
Food City
Just today I paid , what in these times feels like a low low price of $2.86 a gallon to fill up my car . I was given this almost 15 cent per gallon discount due to "points" earned when shopping in the grocery store that goes along with the gas station . I feel like I can't say it enough, if you're going to be spending the money anyway you might as well be spending it at a company that is going to reward you for shopping with them . So, not only did my "member"card, which is hung conveniently on my key chain save me a few cents at the register on my groceries it also saved me a few dollars on my bi-weekly fuel up . Mine is not the only grocer to offer these savings in fuel, but many others do as well . It's worth a little research for you to check out which grocers in your area offer this discount . Some grocers offer the discount whether you have shopped in their store your not . You receive several cents off your fuel simply by owning a discount card.....that is free to own BTW .

Your Pass to non stop savings with BONUSCARD®

All my friends are aware that I am a Target shopper . I have written here and here on the glories of the Target Red Debit Card . The Target clearance isles are a girls best friend when it comes to cute, inexpensive and on trend items . Even their grocery isle has a clearance section . Do not be derailed by grocer clearance sections . Just because an item is on the clearance or discount shelf doesn't mean it is near it's expiration and not worth glancing . Many times items are discounted or clearanced simply due to packaging redesign . Another bonus to shopping at Target is that when you bring in your own reusable shopping bag they will reduce your bill 5 cents for each reusable bag you bring in to use in place of their disposable bags . Most of the time I remind the cashier of that discount only because I know how hectic it gets keeping up with everything and everyone from behind the register . Most cashiers thank you for reminding them . They want you to save just as much as you do . It's apart of good customer service . Target isn't the only store that offers this benefit . Just ask as you check out at other stores , "do you offer a discount when I bring my own reusable bag ?" .  Most self check out stations even ask automatically before you begin ringing your items . 

ClearRx prescription bottle image
One more money saving tip and then I'll be done for the day. Pharmacy rewards are another place to save a buck . Most pharmacy departments these days not only offer generic med discounts, but also rewards for using their pharmacy . I'll use Target as my example . With the Target Pharmacy Rewards program you receive a 5% off coupon ( that can be also be used in addition to your 5% off when using the Target Red Card BTW ) with every 5th prescription you fill in their pharmacy . For some folks that may take a while to add up for others it happens in one trip . As if that isn't enough, Target has also begun a PetRx program . YES!! You can drop off your prescription, your pet's prescription, do you grocery shopping, & pick up a gift for whoever all in one stop . has a list of cities that the new program is available in . There are several other pharmacies that offer rewards for filling your scripts with them . All you have to do is ask or check online for details . Again, these are money saving programs that cost you nothing to be a member of .

I say all of this simply to help educate you on ways that you can be saving . Perhaps also to encourage you to check out what may be right at your finger tips for saving .  I wish I had been more aware earlier  . I think I would've been a better saver had I been knowledgeable of how easy it is and all the different ways out there to stretch a buck . I've said it before I'll say it again and again and again , if you're going to be spending the money anyway , you might as well be  rewarded for where you spend it .

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