Thursday, December 20, 2012

~Smart Phone Discounts~

In my Holiday series on discounts, coupons, & earning when spending  I thought I'd share a discount that's more than likely right in your hand . If you own a smart phone you have access to the Internet nearly everywhere you go . To keep up with the times , many stores have online coupons . These are coupons that you don't have to print, but simply pull up on your smart phone and show to the cashier at check out . Not only saving you money, but a tree or two as well . You know how I love me some recycling .

My friend Cindy has already blogged on this wonderful revelation when she explored it's glories on a craft supply outing . Since she already hit some of the high notes on this topic I'll simply direct you to her blog entry , "Getting The Most from Your Craft Store Coupons"  .

Happy Saving !!
Merry Christmas Y'all !!!

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  1. I loved this and I am all about not having to print :-)