Tuesday, December 18, 2012

~ Earn When You Spend ~

~Coupon Care Package~
Everything was purchased w/ a coupon and I cut out several
handy coupons for fun things like make up, dorm supplies & date nights.
Making this a fun, inexpensive and thoughtful surprise for a sweet friend .

I'm a fan of coupons , discounts , sales , free things , and of course repurposing . Anything to stretch a dollar . For me this apart of stewardship and I think that in this day and time we are all on some sort of a budget . I have written here about coupon care packages , here about earning some change while shopping online , and too many blogs to count on repurposing items . So, this entry should come as no real surprise .

I know that everyone is finishing their Christmas shopping , getting Holiday greetings in the mail , and putting the icing on their Winter treats . I hope that this blog post will not only help you finish these tasks, but encourage you to take a extra second to log on, save & earn while finishing them . I mean, if you're going to be spending the money anyway , you should be getting a little something in return . It may also help you scratch a gift or two off your list as well .

Spend image
Good Housekeeping Subscription W/ Tote Bag
courtesy of MyCokeRewards - 133 Points
Great Gift for a mom, g'ma or bride to be even . 
The following is a small list of companies that offer rewards when you purchase their products & shop their stores .  There are many others ,  all you have to do is ask and most of the time you don't even have to do that . Most stores with rewards programs publicize it everywhere you turn and the cashiers are prompted to ask as you check out . It only takes a second to sign up on most occasions . There's usually a handy key chain card  for you and your spouse that you receive immediately along with a credit card sized one for your wallet . With most programs you can keep up with your earnings online or simply check the bottom of your receipt when checking out .

Coca~Cola Co.
Food City
Food Lion

Programs such as Coke & Kellog's have you create an account online . Once you do, there are codes on the inside of the packaging or on their products that you input when you have logged into their sites . I have been a member of "MyCokeRewards" for several years and have taken advantage of  rewards such as magazine subscriptions as well as other little stocking stuffer-esq items . It's all about how you save/use your rewards . I look at it this way, if you're hosting a party and providing several 12 packs of coke products you'll get 10 points for each 12 pack . They quickly add up and when you figure depending on the magazine, a subscription can cost anywhere from 12-24 dollars for a year it's almost two birds with one stone . Every Coke product has reward points so even if you aren't a soda drinker you can earn points on things such as Poweraide  .

Programs like Ebats & Hallmark will send you gift certificates or checks after several months in a dollar amount as a reward . Also with the Hallmark , Walgreens , & CVS programs you are often given bonus coupons upon checking out that can be used on your next visit . Just this weekend I had a $5.00 off a $10.00 purchase at Hallmark. This was a coupon I scored out of my mamaw's magazines . When I got to the check out to spend my $5.00 I gave the cashier my rewards card and earned $2.00 off my next purchase of any amount and buy 2 cards get 1 free . Who doesn't have a Birthday or Congrats card on their shopping list ?!

It seems as though you are constantly saving and earning when you spend at these shops . The programs offered at these shops also work with their coupons . So, when I go to say CVS ,  I can use manufacturer coupons , store coupons and my discount card all at once while also earning points for my next visit when I allow them to scan my rewards card . Just be sure to check on a stores coupon policy if you're hestiant or have questions . Not all stores reward the same . Target also has a wonderful program in their Red Card . It comes in the form of either a credit or debit card and you get to choose which you'd rather have . I suggest the debit card simply because if the option to not have interest and a monthly bill is there, why not take it ?! When you use your RedCard , you automatically save 5% off of your bill total . That is in addition too whatever coupons or other discounts you already have . When shopping Target.com along with your 5% savings they also give you free shipping . No matter how little or much you spend . I have used this wonderful discount along with my ebates . Not just saving 5% & shipping, but also earning a small percentage back as well . It truly is hard to beat if you're on a budget , heck it's hard to beat even if you aren't on a budget . I didn't just save on what I purchased, but I saved fuel money as well !!!

As I said before I think that these little  bits of savings info are simply apart of my attempting to be a faithful steward with what the Lord's already graciously provided for me . I'm not spending any extra money , though it may be hard to believe . I'm actually saving and at times earning some money back . I'm also not taking any extra time . For those programs that require me to log on and input some info I simply save my lids , packages, etc. until a time when I am sitting down to do work online such as bill paying , emails, etc. I'm already online and it really doesn't add but a minute or two to my online time .

I know that many of you out there are frugalista's like me, so I thought I'd pass along the opportunities for saving and earning while you finish your Holiday "to-do's" . I just don't consider myself a good friend if I don't . And I keep thinking , if you're/I'm going to be spending the money anyway you/I might as well be saving and earning at the same time . Now that I'm aware of these programs and have seem them work I find it extremely difficult to justify spending somewhere that doesn't reward me for being a customer .

Happy Earning
Merry Christmas !
Remember it isn't the cost, but the thought that counts.

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