Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday "To~Do" - Cyber Monday - DISCOUNTS

Once again I say , I would not be a good friend if I didn't share this with you . To some it may sound like all I ever do is shop or online shop . That is all kinds of false, untrue, wrong and a big ol' negative !!! However, when I do shop I am sure to use discounts, coupons, codes and whatever else I can to get my dollars worth . Everyone is on a budget and I by no means am an exception . One of the ways I get my bargains is through . Ebates is a site that host tons of online stores . Some that you would normally have access to in a mall and others that the only way to shop would be online . ebates offers discounts, coupons, free shipping , as well as a percentage back from your purchase varied by store . Stores such as Target, Bath & Body Works, Barnes & Noble , Walgreens and lots of others . So, it isn't random unknown stores or only places that have high prices . I believe that the last two Christmas' it was how I did the majority if not all of my Holiday shopping . I figure what can be better than shopping in your P.J's , having your gifts delivered (FOR FREE) , and getting a percentage back as well . It's like , being shop .

At times they will offer to add to your percentage back if you will take it in a "alternative" form . For example, my last "Big Fat Check" as they call them was offered to me in one of the two following forms 1. a normal check I can take to the bank to cash (which I normally choose) OR in the form of a "gift card" with extra money on it . I thought with the Holiday's coming up I'd give the "gift card" a try since it would give me a buck or two more than the check would . What could it hurt ? Right ? RIGHT!! I was able through my .com gift card code to purchase three brand new items including shipping for less than ten bucks all together . I've already received two of the items and am so excited to wrap them , get them under the tree and of course to hand them out . They are items I never would've had access too had I not gone through these two web sites of and ebates . I have a close friend who booked her honeymoon, purchased items from her registry and wedding supplies through shops hosted by ebates. Now that was a "Big Fat Check" !!

So, to break it down, basically they gave me a percentage "discount" or "return" from my original purchases, added to it by a buck or two , I then used the "gift card" at via ebates and received another percentage back .

Lets say you spend a $1.00 ~ at a store that offers say...5% of that back ~ so, that's a nickle you get back perhaps from a store that offers free shipping ~ Do all your holiday shopping this way and those "nickles" can add up . Especially when you think of the fuel you'll save .Then say you are offerend your percentage back in a "alternative form" with a "bonus dollar" . That's $1.05 extra.....and if you shop you know that can buy things. O.k. maybe not 5, but you get my drift .

That's the kind of recycling any one can handle .

Each shop has a different percentage offered back as well as varied shipping, discounts and coupons . With your first ebates purchase they will along with your percentage give you a gift card to a store like Target, Barnes & Noble or several others .  On Cyber Monday you'll be sure to save a buck or two more than a "normal" online shopping day if you go this route . I hope that this somehow makes your Holiday shopping less stressful , more inexpensive and lots of fun !! What's the joy in gift giving if you are gonna need therapy after shopping ?!

I have been using ebates for several years now and wouldn't recommend it if i didn't love it . I have gotten several "big fat checks" over the years and now with this occasional "gift  card bonus" I am sure to continue online shopping this way .  Also, click on any of the ebates links on this blog and I'll get a "bonus" for recommending you . It's like we are shopping together !!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping !!

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