Wednesday, November 14, 2012

~ Holiday Greetings at a Low Low Price ~

I've got to share with you my latest find . Today as I was going through a stack of coupons at my grandparents I hit Holiday gold . I love sending and receiving holiday cards . I get it from my Mamaw. She seriously gets mor Christmas Cards than any one I know. I think last year it was somewhere in the 500 range .

I actually bought a box that I love last year at the after Christmas discount sales . However, I never seem to have enough once I start making my list . I also love a personalized card, so I can't ignore a good deal on them .  I just ordered 20 personalized cards w/ envelopes for the low low price of about 6 bucks.

I KNOW!!!! So, of course I'm gonna share this amazing deal with you as well . Check out - You can get 20 personalized cards w/ photo and your printed greetings for 1.99 . Shipping cost is dependant on the speed in which you want them delivered. No rush, normal shipping is about five bucks . I think this is a great deal all together . There are of course other options and deals for cards, return labels, etc .

Happy Holidays !!
Don't forget to put me on your card list . Wink !

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