Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday To~Do's - "Mistle-Toe's" ~

I'm starting to know how Santa feels with his never ending list of Holiday "to~do's" . Not that I have so much that I "have" to~do, but I keep coming across little things that I "want" or would "like" to~do . I told you here about my first Holiday "to-do" of the season . I'm still anxiously waiting to mail them . I figure while I'm super excited and ready to celebrate Christmas some people aren't ready until after Thanksgiving . So, it's best I wait .

My next Holiday "to~do" came in the form of a Pinterest inspiration . As most of you know I am a lover of coupons , bargains and gifts (both giving and receiving) . Since the majority of us are on a budget I think everyone will appreciate this lil' gift  idea . When cutting coupons I most always cut any and all cosmetic coupons , no matter the brand . I then check out the local drug store adds to see if they are doing any buy 1 get 1 promotions . It also never hurts to check out online or store specific coupons as well . A lot of places will let you combine a manufacturer and a store coupon making it quite the savings . I usually can score a nice nail polish or two for less than a couple of bucks when I do this . Same with chap stick, nail files or travel sized beauty items such as shampoo, etc. . I think it's always a good idea to have little goodies like this on hand . If not for yourself , for guests or for emergency gifts . Who doesn't love a new nail polish or chap stick ?! Several weeks ago I scored some awesome carmex strawberry chap stick for about a quarter each along with some Revlon nail polish in super cute Holiday colors. The nail polish went for about a buck or so once I used my coupons and store discount card . Last Spring I purchased a multi-pack of nail files for a dollar , also with a awesome coupon .  And on Friday I got some cute decorative draw string bags for half-off at Hobby Lobby .  I didn't want to be stuck with Red and Green if I didn't use them all at Christmas so,  I purchased a design that I could use after the Holidays .That's one of the many awesome things about a store such as Hobby Lobby . When they do holiday promotions there are usually items that aren't holiday design specific that go along with the sale .   All these goodies combined have made several of the cutest little treat bags. I used tinsel that I no longer find useful for tree decorating as a decorative cushion for inside the bag. All together each lil' Mistle"toe" Bag cost about 2 bucks give or take some change . I think they will be great for a few special girl friends who deserve some pampering as well as handy to have on hand just in case . They are the first "gift" to go under my tree and I'm so excited !!!

If you work with youth , high school , college age , or even just have a bunch of girl friends or female family members that you get together with for the Holidays these would make great and inexpensive lil' gift bags . I hope that if you do not do this idea it will inspire you to create one of your own . I'd love to hear about what you create this Holiday season !!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !!!

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