Sunday, July 15, 2012

Coupon Care Package ~ Tip 15

I have blogged multiple times about my love of shopping, gifts, care packages, discounts, coupons and how to save a lil' money any where you can while still being thoughtful and creative . At times I feel like I am just repeating myself when I share these different ideas and stories . But I feel like each one is worth repeating if it helps even one person think out side the box, save a couple bucks , and be inspired in even the smallest way . So, I'd like to add this idea to the list .

It is yet again another friends birthday . One of my strongest love languages is "gifts".  I really adore putting thought into a gift and the ones that mean the most to me are rarely the ones that have high financial value . My motto, "it's the thought that counts, not the cost". As I started thinking about some small something to send to my friend I came across some coupons I had stashed on the kitchen table . One that had been attached to a store receipt was for a FREE large magnet with . All that I had to do was pay for shipping . I knew instantly that this friend would love a super cute and personalized magnet . It would be something different & fun for her dorm room . I went through a few online pics and found the perfect one for her gift . After completing my order I waited with anticipation for the orange envelope to arrive in my mail box to see the finished project . IT WAS PERFECT AND DREAMY !!! I ended up using one of her super cute pics of her and her man for the magnet . I edited the pic through shutterfly to make it appear dreamy and hazy . The way we tend to see things when we are in love :-) I thought it might be a fun way for her to be reminded of the people who her love her the most . I also thought it would be a great inspiration to pray for her man every time she looked at it . Whatever she decides to use it for I'm sure she'll get giddy when she see's it .

I wanted to add something else to her gift, but was still scratching my head for something creative and budget friendly . I of course added some fun candy and a few notes in, but what else might be fun for her to receive . This may sound crazy, but the idea hit me COUPONS !!! Who wants coupons ? I know ?! To be honest, if they are awesome coupons.... I WOULD!!! No shame in my game . It's all about making a dollar stretch . Since my sweet friend is currently a student and working at a university I know that she really has to make her dollar go far . So, coupons are the perfect addition to her gift . I went through my normal couponing and cut a few extra things that I wouldn't use, but she might . Things such as a variety of shampoo's , razors , bug spray , cleaning supplies , yogurt , etc. Dorm student friendly items . I cut the coupons , then sorted them into categories and marked them with a fun note . Food - cause a girls gotta eat , Health & Beauty - because we don't just wake up looking this stunning , Dorm Living - cause it ain't easy makin' a meal from a microwave and mini-fridge , and my favorite DATE NIGHT !!!

The Date Night bundle of coupons had $10.00 off of a Build-a-Bear , $5.00 off of a meal at Outback, and several other yummy restaurant coupons that I know she'd enjoy . It might be cute to mix things up and for her to be the one that plans the date . I think build-a-bear and dinner sounds like a memory in the making !!!

So, while my budget doesn't allow me to get gift cards , expensive gifts , or even the opportunity to celebrate with my dear friends in person as often as I'd like , my creativity does ! I think that when she gets this envelope in the mail she will be super excited and feel loved by some one . It isn't the cost that counts, it's the thought !!

I hope this inspires you to get creative with your next gift giving ! Happy Couponing !!! 


  1. You are so sweet and just full of good ideas!

  2. AWWW Thanks @danabrownritter !!! Thanks for commenting. It makes my day ! Hope all is well in our nations capitol :-)