Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Apartment Gardening ~ Follow Up from Spring Has Spring Blog Post

Carrot Seeds

Strawberry Plant

In March I began my newest hobby of gardening . Since I don't have the tools or space for a "real" garden I tried my hand at something I like to call "apartment gardening". It is simply planting the seeds in flower pots or some other container all other gardening rituals are pretty much the same . In Spring Has Sprung 2 , Grow Where You Are Planted , & Sometimes Things Change Over Night I briefly documented a few of the life lessons as well as gardening lessons I had been learning along the way . It's been awhile since my last report so I wanted to do a quick Summer update .

What I have learned through my "apartment gardening" is that it isn't (or hasn't for me) going to produce the same amount of fruit, veggie, etc. as it would planted in the earth . Room for roots and growth is vital . So, it's super important not to begin with too small of a starter pot . Definitely plan ahead because as your plant grows you will need to re pot it . Re poting can be death if it isn't handled properly for the plant . I.E. my poor excuse for a carrot plant . Also, OVER SEEDING, it's totally a thing . Especially when doing apartment style gardening  as I have been . Be aware of the seeds suggested space and growth needs .

While I would say the majority of my plants have produced some wonderful things I also know that I've learned they will not continue to do so with out proper care . Also, when apartment gardening the "reproduction" seems to be less that when somethings planted in the earth . Some plants will "reproduce" multiple times before dying out . Mine only seemed to reproduce about 2-4 times depending on the plant . It worked for me and the learning I had hoped to do, but I defiantly have made some notes for the next time I try my hand at "green thumbery".

I hope these few tips along with my other gardening focused blogs help you as you work on your summer fruits and flowers.

Home Grown Tomatoes and Chives

Happy Gardening !!!

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