Friday, July 20, 2012

Barista Certified

I mentioned several blogs ago (here) that I have a new job . Part of my new job has allowed me the opportunity to learn about one of my favorite things....COFFEE!!!! The past two weeks I have been in Barista Training with Starbucks . It has been one of the hi-lights of my Summer . I kinda wish I had pursued the idea earlier . I have so enjoyed learning about the Starbucks Brand , coffee , tea and such a variety of other subjects .

It's very funny to me how God works through the simplest & most unexpected things . One exhaustion I have mentioned possibly a gazillion times through out my blog was my frazzledness concerning the college student mind set and environment . I had served in ministry and professionally for close to ten years in the university environment and was plumb worn out . Well, as I've gotten settled into my new job who do you think I am surrounded by ? College Students !!! The last two weeks specifically I've had several college age girls become my work buddies . It seems that loving on, counseling and helping guide this age group may be apart of my life calling . I knew it was for a time, but I had not considered it's life possibilities . As I get to know these girls I realize what a tender spot my heart has for them . They all come from a varied way of being raised , schooling , etc . I don't know why, but it's as if I've known them forever . None of their faces have felt for a moment like someone I didn't know .  And it's amazing to me how me, just being me makes them feel comfortable and like family . Wednesday one of my loudest and craziest new co-workers let out a "awwwww we're like a little family ", during a training session . I couldn't help but laugh . She was so happy to have the realization that through our two weeks of coffee tastings, lectures, and creating we had all bonded.

Today as a stress reliever Target provided a fun time for all of us that have been working so hard to get the new store ready . We had a dunking booth with all of the supervisors as the dunkee's . I think I laughed for a solid hour watching people pitch, miss, and some just run up and hit the bulls eye to dunk a boss . Our supervisors had great attitudes and every one of them took their dunking like a good sport . It was such a needed time of community . Everyone has been working such crazy, long , and difficult days that I think it made all our day a little better to take a moment to relax together and have some fun . This is another thing that continues to amaze me . Our need for community . It is there no matter where we go, work, live, or who we spend our time with . We all desire it some where with in us, even if we don't realize it .

The rest of today was spent completing our Barista Certification, practising a few more drinks, & setting up our new coffee shop inside the new Target . I am proud to say that I completed my first set of Starbucks displays today .
Of Course my FIRST SB Display was PINK!!
Who knows after opening how long they'll
stay so neatly organized and stocked, but at
least they look nice today !

I am also VERY proud to say that I am now a Certified Barista !!! I am far from perfect and hope to get A LOT of practice at some point perfecting my skills behind the coffee bar . I'd LOVE to eventually become a "Coffee Master" as well as complete my "Tea Passport". But for now I am excited about my new education and accomplishment . I believe that even this the Lord can use for His glory . Whether it is through the relationships I have the opportunity to build with my co-workers or the people I have the opportunity to brew coffee for . I am feeling thankful & encouraged.......and super tired !!

Hope to Brew for you SOON !!!!!

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