Tuesday, January 27, 2015

~ Get Your Purse, We're Going Shopping ~

Today I found myself telling a friend that if I could have everything delivered to me , I probably would . Maybe it's the holidays or maybe it is just the curse of one Wal-mart in town , but it seems like shopping , groceries, &  running errands  is no longer as enjoyable as it use to be.....it's actually more like the "Hunger Games" . I half expect the store announcer to come over the intercom and welcome me as a tribute . Today as I caught my breath , I had the idea that others may feel this way too . I then realized that with so many friends running home/online businesses this is the perfect opportunity to promote/brag on them , as well as help you get your "gettin's done".....ya know with out you having to become a tribute .

I am blessed to know some rather amazing women. This is just a few who along with being wives, mothers, students , active members of their churches , etc. also run at home/online businesses. If you are exhausted from the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping let me recommend these ladies and their products/services to you for some easy at home shopping/planning. I mean, lets be real, who doesn't wanna shop while wearing their pajama's ?!
Said in a "Effie" accent.....WELCOME TO THE SHOPPING GAMES !!! May the discounts, coupons and possibility of free shipping be ever in your favor . 

MARY KAY - Ashleigh Givens
I will start with what most of us start with each day.....MAKE UP!!! One of my most favorite people Ashleigh Givens is a Mary Kay representative. She is a awesome wife , mother , friend , and Mary Kay Rep !!! She started selling Mary Kay not for personal gain, but so that she would have a way to give back to missions, the church , and other wonderful causes . You can read her blog , Givensmeabreak here , or you can contact her via e-mail Ashleigh.givens10@gmail.com for Mary Kay questions, orders, etc. that you may have . I have been the benefactor of some of her Mary Kay goodies and let me tell you, it is some good stuff . I also grew up with most of the women in my family using Mary Kay . So, with that said I can recommend this to you with surety that you will enjoy their product . Ashleigh  is also a joy to work with/order from !

Ash and her hubby Kraig
Stella & Dot is a fun, fashionable, and quality jewelry company that you may be hearing a lot of these days . You  have probably seen some of their necklaces, rings, and other beautiful accessories in publications such as InStyle , Glamour and ELLE. I am a avid accessory hoarder and when I see beautiful baubles that are with in a reasonable price range on the pages of my favorite fashion magazines, I FLIP!! My gorgeous friend Liesel Lancaster is a Stella & Dot consultant based out of Virginia . She runs her Stella & Dot business while also being a wife and mother of three . Below is a pic of one of my favorite pieces of Stella & Dot . If you are interested in purchasing THIS bracelet or any other pieces, say for Valentines day......you can do so by checking Liesel's Facebook Page or by going to her Stella & Dot Online Shop .
This piece holds a special place in my heart.
It is a constant representation of the miracle God provided
for my friend Tricia who received her second
 dbl lung transplant just this fall.

PAMPERED CHEF - Telisha Rose
This Christmas I was very excited to get a super cool pink mixer . I can't even wait to do my first baking project with it . With my upcoming baking I know that I'll be sure to use some of my go-to cooking tools ,  Pampered Chef measuring spoons and cup . Pampered Chef consultant Telisha Rose is one of my former RA's and is currently working on her Masters degree . She is a full time nanny, student , and Pampered Chef consultant . If you are looking to get some seriously reliable, useful, space saving , and pretty items to help you get your new years cooking plans on track , then I recommend you check out her online Pampered Chef store . Telisha is a joy to work with and I know she will help you find whatever it is you are looking for . P.S. Also a good Valentines gift !
Telisha & I - Coolidge Park Jazz Night

My former RD partner and good friend Cindy is a bit of a crafter and by a bit, I mean a lot . She is very talented , creative and great at explaining how she does what she does . You can check her blog , So The Cook Said for creative gift , baking and decorating ideas . However if you are looking for a special wedding , anniversary or valentines gift may I recommend her "I Still Do" creation . "I Still Do" , is a creation that was originally set as something to keep Cindy reminded not only of the beauty that her wedding day held, but of the special and sacred vows she took that day . Since then she has made the "I Still Do" , for several of our friends . While Cindy doesn't have a Etsy just yet, I am sure it is only a matter of time before she does . Until then, if you are interested in having Cindy make you a personalized version of "I Still Do" you can do so by e-mailing her at sothecooksaid@gmail.com or checking out her blog at http://sothecooksaid.blogspot.com/ . Cindy and I have spent many a afternoon crafting , I have also received some of her home made goodies , I can 100% recommend her, her creations and blog as a wonderful resource for your future projects or gift giving .
Cindy & I - Homecoming Banquet
for pics of the "I Still Do" project.

Evelyn Johnston is my amazing hair dresser !! Along with being the mom of one of my amazing friends , being a hair dresser (worth driving two hours for) she is also a talented UpCycler, repurposer, and artist . I think that more of my time when at her in home salon is spent looking through her creations than actually getting my hair done . HooNew is Evelyn's home business that has been growing exponentially over the last three years . HooNew is sold in several Chattanooga locations as well as Online . With Evelyn's HooNew creations you are able to not only repurpose a item, but add some style to your home as well . HooNew lists everything from home made sweater gloves & head bands to larger vintage items such as bed room suits, end tables, & lamps as it's inventory . HooNew is the creator of one of my favorite winter head bands. Pink, but of course !!
Now that you have purchased all these amazing things you will need something to carry them in . You know I am a HUGE fan of the reusable bag and Thirty-One Bags are some of the best . I myself have a Thirty-One lunch bag . Many of my friends have the Large Utility Tote , Little Carry-All Caddy , and Pocket A-Tote . One of my favorite people from my time in Virgina , Jamie Bullman is a Thirty-One Consultant . Jamie and her family lived down the road from me my last years in VA .I think they may have been my first dog sitting job and got me set on the idea that I needed a dog of my own . Jack Davis owes them a pretty big thank you !  I also worked for her hubby at Liberty . Between dog sitting, baby sitting, work, and being neighbors I have total confidence in recommending Jamie to you . Her and her fam are such fun, hard working and faithful people . If you are looking for a Thirty-One Consultant , need to purchase a beautiful personalized gift or are interested in becoming a consultant yourself , Jamie is the lady to talk too !!
My 31 Lunch bag,
because even sitting in the fridge
my lunch needs to look cute !
PARRRR-TTAYYY!!!! Having spent many years in event planning myself I know how special it is to find people like Birds on a Wire - Event Planning  that you can trust with your most precious of occasions/celebrations . This lil' company comes from my very own home town and a great high school friend, Bethany Fritts !! Birds on a Wire is a new company that can do anything from invitations to full on showers, parties, and other special occasions . You can contact my pal, (and Class of 97' class president , I told you I planned on bragging) ,  Bethany Fritts at the  Birds on a Wire Facebook Page    or via e-mail birdsonawire.planning@gmail.com .
Heather Jones is one of my former dorm residents and student leadership staff . From day one Heather was a sweet spirit and I knew that the Lord was gonna use her in special ways . Several years ago she married her college sweet heart Adam and they are now expecting their first child !! Heathers Cupcakes is a home business that Heather started about a year ago . She has a natural talent for decorating and her creations are some of the best I've seen . Based out of Cartersville Georgia Heathers Cupcakes can create almost anything you can imagine, she also makes super cute cake pops . Check out her Heathers Cupcakes page on Facebook to find out more on how you can book her baking skills for your next special event.
You can click on this link
to Heathers Facebook for more pics.

Drowsy Aurora - Abby Brazell - Abby is another one of my sweet dorm girls from my time in Chattanooga . Since her time as a student she has become a military wife and an amazing lil' seamstress . Her shop , Drowsy Aurora is an online boutique specializing in 100% hand-sewn felt plushies. Everything is designed and crafted by Abby Brazell, who makes everything from Grumpy Cat to Doctor Who to Ariel and so many more! These creations are so cute and unique ! They would make the perfect little gift for someone .

With so many amazing resources online , I very well may become a hermit . I am so grateful that I have so many talented, driven , and creative people in my life . It is not only inspiring , but challenging . Having these amazing women in my world helps keep me in check with the talents and gifts God has given to me as well as holds me accountable to follow after the passions He sets with in me . I hope that this lil' post will not only help you mark some things off of your shopping list, but will give you some fire and resource for whatever vision the Lord is sparking in you .
(I may be adding a few other businesses to this post a little later, but I was simply tooooo excited to share with you what my friends have going on to wait any longer to publish.) Happy Shopping !

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