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Re-Post ~ Thinking of You ~ Valentines 2014

With the impending snowpocalypse I
found this image rather fitting .

Valentines is a bit of a different "holiday" in my way of thinking . There are a few varied stories as to where and exactly how the yearly celebration began , but the majority of them go back to St. Valentine . The story goes that St. Valentine a priest in Rome was executed for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry as well as for ministering to Christians who at the time were under persecution from the Roman Empire . Since his execution and over the years the way in which people acknowledge the holiday has changed . Some religions see it as a feast day while others have removed it from the calendar all together . No matter where you picked up your Valentines traditions and no matter how you choose to celebrate I would hope that the origin would be what rings true for all of us . One person took some time out of their plans (actually risking their life) in order to bring love and relief to a few others .

When I think on Valentines I immediately go to the idea of a feeling . The feeling of knowing that you are loved , thought about and cared for . As I wrote in this blog post from several days ago , most are not concerned with the financial price of something , but more so the care and thought that was put into it . It's the look on someone's face as they read the card attached to their flowers , the anticipation as they unwrap a carefully wrapped gift , or the excitement as one plans for someone else . One of my strongest love languages is gifts , so the giving and receiving of a gift means so much more to me than a dent in the wallet . As you approach this holiday of LOVE take a moment to truly consider the one you are celebrating whether it be a boy/girl friend , husband/wife or simply an amazing friendship instead of just doing what everyone else does or what you think you are "suppose" to do for Valentines Day .

I would also challenge you to perhaps think out side the box as you plan and prepare . In my Valentines post to the "girlfriends & wives " , I suggested a perhaps unorthodox way of celebrating what is normally considered a "couples" holiday . How about doing something for someone(s) out side of your relationship ? A single mom ? A couple that could desperately use a date night ? A singleton who you know may be struggling with this overwhelming holiday ? What if as a couple you took the day to share your love with other people (in a non-nauseating ooey gooey lets hold hands on the porch kind of way ) , but in a be a blessing kind of way . By the way I also think this is a great idea for all the singletons out there . I mean , the way I see it you have a choice , walk around with a dark cloud over your head and dark heart in your chest all day OR step outside of your current circumstance (which could change at any minute BTW ) and focus all that energy on helping someone else feel a little better about the day .

When I say "mix tape" I realize it's a burn CD these days .
#notthatold #oldschoolslang
Here are just a few ideas to help get your creative process started . You all know I am a HUGE FAN of SWEET MIX TAPES !!!! I am a music lover in every respect so , for me this is a home run idea . Perhaps you could make a "boys suck" mix tape for a single or newly single girlfriend (yes, I have received one of these and in turn have made them for others.....they help. #truestory ) . If you have a lot of "couple" friends like I do you could make a super cute slow jams mix tape that may inspire them to take a romantic drive or slow dance in the kitchen ( yes, I find both of those things extremely ADORBSSS ) or you could offer to baby sit so they can have a date . Then there is always FOOD ! I mentioned it in the post called " boyfriends & husbands "  as a gift idea from their gf or wifey , but lets be real for most people food by way of a baked good , candy  , meal or gift card are ALWAYS good ideas . I also believe in small tokens of affection , believe it or not ! Today I came across one of the best ones ever at the Dollar Tree . Yes, the Dollar Tree and I think it would be fun to give to almost anyone .
Who doesn't love a diamond with the caption ,
"The Bigger The Better " ?!

Whatever you choose to do this Valentines I wish you lots of love and even a few surprises !! Please feel free to report back to me in the comment section !!

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