Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's Not You , It's.......

It's not you, it's my high heels . We've all heard or said the phrase , "it's not you, its me" . In a break up, parting of ways , an escape door from the truth, delicate way of giving the brush off the list could go on for days of situations this phrase has been applied . I've been known to say , "it's not IS you " . Today as I drove to work thinking over some recent events I got a little teary eyed . Even when a decision is the right decision it sometimes hurts . Sometimes it hurts so much that it has the ability to bring us to tears . When I thought about the one I was crying over and then realised the utter embarrassment of him seeing me cry I had several phrases of defence come to mind immediately . My favorite being , "It's not you, it's my high heels" . 

This very well may be the first and last time you see me quote a Sex and the City character . Mainly because the way singles are depicted  irritates me more than nails on a chalk board !!! However , the writing can also be spot on , case in point , "It's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes -- that's why you sometimes need really special shoes!" - Carrie Bradshaw . Believe it or not , but a beautiful pair of shoes can truly change everything about how a woman feels . Can I get a amen ?!
I have had sooooooooooo many of my sweet, smart, amazing talented and beautiful/handsome friends cry over their singleness . Even a seasoned professional single such as myself can find her self teary eyed over the trials of a singleton . It is not easy walking this life alone , but it is far better to be alone and single than alone with someone . As we wait for our Mr. or Mrs. Right , date as if it is a Olympic sport , cry into our pillows , laugh at the near misses , and dream of the possibilities that all this alone time will one day be longed for . Lets not miss the fun that is to be had walking in our single gal/guy shoes . Lets remind ourselves that not all choices are going to be easy , but when we have sought guidance , prayed and been honest with ourselves we HAVE to find a way to trust the out come.....even when it hurts .

With my recent tearful moments I am trusting that the Lord will bless the efforts I've made to "guard my (and another) heart with all diligence", as stated in Proverbs 4:23 . I want to be the kind of friend romantic or otherwise that a person is better for having had the chance to know . Even when it doesn't work out in the romance department . I want to have relationships (friends or romantic ) that lead me in a path that confirm to me the fact that good, Godly, and careful gentlemen do indeed exist .  I am going to do all that I can to BELIEVE that I have been given an amazing standard from my family and friends as to how I should be treated and wooed when it comes to friendship, romance , and even love . That anything less than being seen as absolutely magic in the eyes of a suitor, is less than the best for me . It , as with most of life , will not be easy . There will be days when it might be debated if settling for less than God's best is an option . There will be days that it feels impossible to believe that anyone could even begin to reach the standards my family & friends have set for how I should be treated and pursued .

And on the days I can't hold back the tears over loved lost , I'll be sure to claim the phrase , "it isn't you, it's my high heels " . I'll put on my sassy pair of high heels and somehow feel a little better . Some shoes are just that beautiful that they cause you feel brand new . There are magazines , shoe designers , and endless retail sources that would attest to that fact .

Walk with pride "all the single ladies (and gentlemen)" , it aint' easy being you !! But it sure can be fun !!!


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