Friday, August 24, 2012

A Familiar Face

One of the four definitions for familiar as defined by
is , one who is often seen and well known; especially: an intimate associate .
Familiar things happen, and mankind does not bother about them.
It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.
Alfred North Whitehead

As I settle into month two of my new work place, position, and co-workers I've had a lot of questions from former co-workers, friends, & family about my new position and the people I'm now surrounded by . I've struggled for what I would consider proper or good enough answers . Mainly because I've been struggling with making sense of it for myself , much else to express it in words that others might understand .

My new job is not one that I planned for as it is . After five years of heavy responsibility and one year of sabbatical I was hoping to "ease" back into the work life . I thought I might find something that was not so full of responsibility , people , college kids , etc . A little "mindless" work if you will . Maybe some clothes folding, cashiering , or coffee making  just to get me back into the grind of the "real world" . I had been praying for well over a year about what the Lord would have for me after my time at my last job and sabbatical where complete . I had said more than one time, probably more than ten times that all I really knew was that I wanted what He wanted for me . I have sensed learned for perhaps the 100th sure of what you say in prayer , it is the God of the universe that is listening and waiting to respond to us after all .  As I applied for my current job I was sure that I would be considered for something "simple" . I didn't have much experience in retail so why in the world would I be considered for anything other than a small task ?! Jokes on me !! So, here I sit, I mean stand , for multiple hours a day working kids, people, and a load of responsibility . Several weeks into my job I cried at nearly every end of shift as I drove home . So upset with God and what I felt like was a disappointing answer to my prayer .  As the tears have dried and become fewer I've started to feel some inlightenment .

In the last few days I've been answering those questions I mentioned before from former colleagues , close friends , etc . The best way I know how to explain where I am at , is this , while I've never met any of the people I work with before now , they all seem familiar . Not one face feels out of place and none of the conversations I've had to this point have felt brand new . Everytime I enter the doors to our establishment I am greeted by smiling faces, waves and expressions of people who act as though they've been waiting for me to get there . And some how I feel as though I am reflecting that excitement back to them as well .  As I shared that explanation with a dinner table a few nights ago filled with dear sisters in Christ & mentors they looked at me kinda odd . Trying to grasp what I'd just said perhaps ? I believe one said , "in a weird way I think I understand what you're saying " . AHAHA!!! I love that I have honest friends .

Twice this week with out my sharing my "familiarity" thought,  I've had two co-workers ask where I worked before, went to school , etc. in an attempt to figure out why I seem , their words not mine , "familiar" . One of my gazillion bosses said , "Stacie, I feel like I know you from somewhere " . All I can do is grin . I now know that this is the Lords purpose for me, for now. It is His presence in my life they are sensing. I just know it .  Even on the days where it was taking me all I had to drag myself around the store and find some source of joy deep deep with in me to smile at those around me and try not to glow with disappointment over the Lords choice in placing me there . Even in that drudgery He was working in me and through me .

I may not always be as happy as I should be initially with where He places me .  This Daughter is a slow learner and I'm so happy that He gives me the time needed and sometimes the tutoring needed to figure things out . While, I'm not 100% amped about my work at the moment, I am however amped about the people.  I am over flowing with the thought that God has found a way to use my life even now , even here , even with me digging my toes in the ground and holding on for dear life .

I have realized through this that when you feel the call to ministry it isn't like a suit case that you pick up when you are ready to go and put down when you are not . It is ALWAYS apart of who you are . It is a innate desire to listen to , love on , and lead people in the way of the Father .

My prayer for you today is that you would find people that are "familiar"
and that you would be found "familiar" by them.
Romans 12:2 ESV    
Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal
of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God,
what is good and acceptable and perfect.
Romans 12:6 ESV    
Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us,
 let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith;
1 Peter 4:10
  Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve
others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.

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