Monday, August 13, 2012

The September Issue

Now, prepare to judge me for being super shallow . It is the little things in life that bring me some of the biggest joy . Today I got my September issues in the mail . This is the largest issue that the majority of fashion magazines will print in a calendar year . Vogues' September Issue even had a movie made in it's honor . But for those of us who love clothes, fashion , and all things uber girly this is the issue we get our subscription for . I'm unsure if it's the thickness of the magazine , the splendor of how much brain candy it holds , the fact it arrives in September , m'birthday month or the reminder it brings that Fall is just around the corner . Fall being my most favorite of all the four seasons with it's light layers , crisp air , and pumpkin spice latte's . Whatever it is , it is pure bliss to me !!!

I realize that this much joy from something so shallow should be wrong . But if this is wrong then I don't wanna be right . I get great peace from flipping through the bright , glossy , perfumed pages of fashion magazines . Yes, the models are almost always unrealistically thin . Sure, the articles aren't always the most brain teasing of all the reading there is out there . But I love it anyway . BRAIN CANDY!!!!! With all the worry , stress , and negativity that one deals with on a day to day basis it is only fair that there be a little brain candy to reward oneself with for surviving it all .

Happy Early Birthday to ME!!! I plan to spend my next day off basking in the glow of new designs , accessories , make up & hair styles for the Fall 2012 fashion season . What's your favorite way to relax and treat your mind ?!

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