Friday, August 31, 2012

@ Home Iced Coffee / Caramel Machiato ~ Tip 16

Iced Coffee 101
When I lived around college students one thing was always for certain, I had to have a stock of food, beverages , ingredients or a creative way of making something out of nothing/very little . I realized early on that one of the best ways to create fellowship in a dorm is to offer some sort of food . In my last years as a RD I began hosting weekly dinners with a different small group from each floor . It took about a school year to get through them all, but it was so worth it . I also began hosting a small prayer b'fast every Wednesday morning with my RA's . It was an effort for us to spend time together as a team and as sisters in Christ with the one purpose of prayer . No business . No games . Just talking to God as a team . Building our foundation one prayer at a time . I wanted to do my best to honor their busy schedules and not make it one more thing they had to get marked off the list . So, I started making breakfast for them . They'd come down from their rooms early in the morning before their first classes and I'd have breakfast ready and coffee brewing for them . Who doesn't love the smell of coffee in the morning ?! We'd eat and we'd pray . I started to find those Wednesdays one of my favorite days of the week . While it added a hour or so to each of our days I also found more energy to make it through the day with whatever ups or downs it had .
One of my favorite go to offerings for whatever meal focused event I was hosting was breakfast . Even for dinner ! Something about the idea of a meal together that is meant to start the day makes me feel all warm and cozy inside . The girls loved it too seeing how very few of them actually got up in time to make it to the dining hall each day for breakfast .
In an attempt to be resourceful and embrace my new motto of reduce ~ reuse ~ repurpose I started finding creative ways to freeze, store, and remake left overs into new things . One of my and the girls favorites was and still is, iced coffee . I'm proud to say I honed this skill long before my barista training . Here are the tips/recipe so that you can begin making your own at home iced coffee for yourself and for others .
If you are a morning coffee drinker this shouldn't add to your normal brewing schedule . Simply take the coffee that is left over from the pot and let it cool off . I usually just turn off my coffee maker and let it cool in the same pot it was brewed in . After a few hours I then transfer it to a seal able container and place it in the fridge . I have a small rubbermade-esq pitcher with a lid from a dollar store that I use . I tend to let it cool in the fridge over night before I use it for iced coffee . If you like strong/bitter coffee then I would take some of the cooled coffee and pour it into ice cube trays and let it freeze over night. If this is the case then it may take you several days of left over coffee before you have all the supplies you need. This is of course if you aren't brewing a special pot just for this purpose . Your ingredients will also include vanilla syrup (I use creamer), milk and of course ice or according to your preference coffee ice .
~ Stacie's Iced Coffee ~ Caramel Machiato ~
fill your glass 1/4 full w/ ice or coffee ice (depends on your preference of bitter vs sweet coffee)
(for iced Caramel machiato add Caramel sauce here, 1/8 c)
pour vanilla syrup about 1/8 c full if you use vanilla creamer pour a little more
pour milk to a little over half of the cup
add cold coffee slowly
 (for Caramel machiato add whip & Caramel sauce drizzle here)
When you are done you should be able to see each layer clearly.
I like to stir mine to get it all yummy and blended, but some people just drink it layer by layer.
Happy Brewing!!!!

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