Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blessings, Let's Not Forget The Blessings

As I mentioned here , on my most recent to-do list is reminder to post about how God has blessed me . Yes, blessed me . Even in the last month when I thought I could barely go one more step . Even when I am crying out in desperation for His calming hand on my chaotic self ,  He has blessed me .

In the last several weeks I have realized that while I may be "single", I am far from alone . I have had the distinct blessing of coming home at the end of a very long day to dishes washed, a dog walked , and dinner in the fridge all at the hands of my sweet sweet grandparents . I've been surprised by the thoughtfulness of dear friends who heard the cry of my wear soles and sent me aid in the form of spa booties , fashion magazines , candy and a variety of other fun goodies .

Awesome Care Package
from Amber .
Awesome Care Package
From Sarah Nutt Johnson

I have also been blessed with fresh produce from my dads garden . He has made two special trips to my side of town just to deliver some yummy veggies . I even turned some of the garden goodness into baked goodness in the from of Zucchini bread . It was my first attempt and I think it turned out pretty good . So, good that I blogged about it , here .

So, while I am definitely going through some times of possible war fare , physical pain and flat out having days of being ungrateful of what I got . I want to be sure to combat all that with thankfulness every time I can . I read the following in my quiet time just a few days ago , "In every situation, you have a confrontation of duty. You can, by total dedication of your own being, turn every experience into a spiritual victory. It is the attitude with which you approach any day that will determine its outcome." - Come Away My Beloved . I also saw the following quote not too long ago , "what if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you gave thanks for today" .  I don't know who originally said it, but boy did it strike a cord with me . In this time of physical stress it is so simple for me to focus only on that stress , my new schedule , and just trying to get a new balance to being . I don't want to miss the fact that I am still very very very blessed . Even as I write this , I got a call from my sweet daddy who is going to deliver some home grown corn . It's one of my favorite veggies !! Some would call me spoiled , I see it as Gods provision for my every need .

While I confess I am going through a difficult time I also want to confess I am grateful for all He has done and continues to do for me . I am sure that EVENTUALLY I will be able to gain some clarity over this time . I'm unsure how long it will last and I'm unsure where it will lead, but I'll do my best to keep holding on to Him through out . I appreciate your prayers as I continue this faith walk through life .

Thanks to all of you who have fb, private and public messaged me concerning my last post . I am grateful for the community and fellowship we share .

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