Sunday, March 31, 2013

Is It Love or a Habit ?

Several days ago I was in line at the store when I over heard one side of a phone conversation . The person on my side of the phone was in a heated discussion over a relationship that apparently needed some reevaluation . As the talker went on about this wrong, that wrong and some advice they had been given one sentence stuck out to me . Apparently someone who had already heard or witnessed all this relationships ups and downs posed the question , "Is this love or a habit ?" . I couldn't tell you a thing about anything else that happened while I was in the store that day because as soon as I heard that phrase I started repeating it over and over in my head . Is this love or is it a habit ? It was such a good question to ask someone ! It also is such a good question to ask in many varied situations . Is it love or is it a habit ? Is this love or is it a habit ? Do you love him or is he a habit ? Do you love her or is she a habit ? Do you feel your church is where you should be or has it become a habit ? Do you contribute to your friendships or have they become a habit ? Do you love your job or is it a habit ?

bing dictionary - hab·it [ hábbit ] 
  1. regularly repeated behavior pattern: an action or pattern of behavior that is repeated so often that it becomes typical of somebody, although he or she may be unaware of it
  2. attitude: somebody's attitude or general disposition
  3. addiction: an addiction to a drug

Have you ever driven somewhere so absent minded that when you arrived you wonder how you got there ? I feel like this question goes with that action . Is it love or habit ?  The phone person seemed on a mission so I didn't get to hear their answer to the question . They pushed their buggy along to the next section of the store leaving me to wonder . As I finished my shopping and walked to my car I kept asking myself the question as it pertained to so many things in my life . Do I do my devo's because of my love or because it's a habit ? Do I care for my dog because I care for him or because it's become a habit ? If it's because it's a habit , is that exactly a bad habit to have ? Does the answer being, "because it's a habit" mean that somethings wrong , unhealthy , or any other negative notion ? No .

I find it interesting that one of the definitions for habit is addiction . Addiction is a negative notion. I'm unsure I've ever heard it used in a positive way . Even when I hear , "I'm addicted to working out" I think, oh no they can't enjoy anything because they're consumed by calorie intake vs. burn . I think when it comes to relationships this can be a very fitting definition . We find ourselves unknowingly addicted . A relationship no matter it's title has the ability to become a habit if we let it . A relationship that becomes a habit is to me a negative notion . This may have been the case for the person on the phone , I'll never know, but I'll forever be grateful for this anonymous advice giver for their pearls of wisdom !!

I plan to pose the question , "Is it love or a habit?" to several things in my life . If it isn't love , it should probably be dismissed . Right ? What does this question make you feel ? Does it bring a particular person , situation , or "habit" to mind ? Does it cause you to reevaluate anything ?

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  1. Awesome post! So thankful you did it!!! Great wording too!