Sunday, March 31, 2013

Freedom Set Before My Eyes

" I will set no worthless thing before my eyes; I hate the work of those who fall away;
 It shall not fasten its grip on me. " Psalm 101:3
I've seen and heard this verse many times . A friends home even had a small wooden plaque in front of their TV with this verse . I never thought about it too much , but at the same time thought it was a good place to have it . This weekend was a "watchathon" weekend for certain cable subscribers . It meant that you could watch a variety of programs that aren't normally available with out some sort of subscription . After multiple awards shows , entertainment news reports and written articles I had become curious about several shows . Especially when they are boasted in having writers that are a "voice of a generation" . After a bit of what I now classify as traumatic television programming all I can say is SWEET HEAVEN THIS BETTER NOT BE THE VOICE OF MY GENERATION !!!! If it truly is meant to be a representation of me, my peers and others in our vicinity then we are in some sort of trouble and those of us that disagree with that particular voice need to speak louder . 
I text a friend in the midst of a episode FYI-ing her to not fall into the hype by watching or even entertaining the idea of watching some of these programs . I'll take a hit for the team, satisfy all our curiosity and now begin therapy because of it . A mere five minutes passed and I had heard more swearing than perhaps even a rated R movie would have . I won't discuss all the other disgusting images and phrases that I became immediately assaulted by . I joked to my friend that I'll be watching Gilmore Girls for the next several weeks in order to even begin to attempt to undo the damage . I wasn't joking . I immediately put in Season 5 of Gilmore Girls . While it may not boast the cookie cutter family morals most desire it sure is better than some . There's no swearing at least !! I may even need to find some sort of cartoon to watch .  How is it that multi-educated (perhaps a word I just made up meaning folks with more than one degree) people write a script for a thirty minute show where the majority of the dialogue is four letter words ?! Must we speak like inmates ? Based on some of the dialogue on these programs I can only assume that the writer attained their multiple degree's in PRISON !!! I'm not proclaiming a swear has never fallen from my lips . By no means .  I understand that for many the inappropriateness of a swear is defined by your culture and geographic region not your education or religion . I also understand that sometimes we just feel like there is no other word to express our strong feelings . I don't understand when those strong words express even our slightest feelings . As I turned off this programing the first thing that came to my mind was Psalm 101:3 . I instantly realized the importance of this verse . Our brains cannot undo something once it's done . How many of us twenty years later speak often of something that happened as a child that forever changed us ? The same is true of the things we put before our eyes . I am guilty of sitting through movies, television shows and even music that is less than edifying and has probably planted a seed I'll never be able to get rid of . It reaffirms to me that these "things" have the ability to grip us into not turning the channel , station or stepping out of the theater . Why do we find it "acceptable" to put such degrading , painful , discouraging things before our eyes as if it's suppose to be there ? Sin nature ? A debate for another time .
I guess what I'm trying to say is that today , on Easter , I'm sitting here thinking about my freedom . Freedom as a Christian . The cost of that freedom and how I have a choice each and every moment of each and every day as to what I will do with that freedom . I am forgiven ! So, even if I don't turn the channel I would still be free and forgiven!! I have the power to embrace Psalm 101:3 and turn off the t.v. , radio, put down the magazine , book , or to walk out of the movie theater . I have the ability to step away from a conversation that is full of words and sentiments I don't prefer or that weigh me down . While many will find themselves bound to the idea of this world and the representation of it's people , I don't want too . If someone , something , somehow is proclaimed a voice for my generation and I disagree I will do my best to to be a even louder voice . It's part of my choice as one that lives free to speak loudly about not only the One that freed me , but the life that allows me !! I am free and that cost an awful lot .
" Live like free people, and do not use your freedom as an excuse for doing evil.
Instead, be God's servants. " 1 Peter 2:16

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