Sunday, March 24, 2013

Small Additions Big Change

I think we all go through a spring cleaning phase at some point in the year . I personally become overwhelmed when things are too much of a mess . However, the last two years I've had to learn to deal with that overwhelmed feeling . I haven't wanted to unpack every single box "just in case" . Also, I live in a space that was once someone else's . That said a lot of their belongings are still here . Which is fine and has actually come in handy now and then . Since I haven't wanted to unpack every single box but still wanted where I live to fill like home I hung photo's , art, mirrors , etc. different things that help make it feel more like my home . I also have had a desire to add in some long lost photo's into my decor . For example I found this awesome photo of my Papaw and I on a roller coaster . It had been in my old bedroom for years and I just forgot about it because I hadn't seen it in so long .
I have to say , I don't know too many folks that have that kind of memory with a grandparent . So, I'm super excited to display this one . My wall o'photo's is varied black frames . I've had this wall in different set ups in each place I've lived since I moved out on my own . Putting up these photo's in my current location definitely make me feel more settled . I didn't have to purchase a new frame for my new addition . One thing that I never throw away is picture frames . You never know when you'll need one for a gift or re purpose .

Another little addition was to my laundry room . It was small, but helpful since I hang several things to dry instead of machine drying them . In my last apartment I had multiple tension rods for curtains . I kept them all just in case and was glad to see that was a wise idea . I didn't get a good pic because frankly my laundry room is too much of a mess for photo's in my opinion . There is a shelf above my washer and dryer so I placed the tension rod just a bit below and out from that shelf . Adding just the space I needed to hang empty hangers so there always there when I'm taking clothes out of the dryer . Also allowing me wonderful space to hang sweaters , pants , etc .

I think it's really wonderful how something small can make such a big difference in your living space . Have you doing anything new or creative in your home lately ?


  1. I see a familiar dog sillhouette...

    1. @cindycook - it is true . I mean, it's a wall of memories and family photo's , of course Jack Davis will be on it in one form or another . LOL!! I love that sillhouette I think it's the cutest ! Thanks for making it :-) You should go into the dog sillhouette business LOL!!