Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crackers & Jam

You may find yourself asking , "did she just blog about crackers ?" after reading this post . Yes, she did .Crackers and itunes.  I often write about bargains, coupons , get more for less and getting the most from your buck . This little addition is no different and just as fabulous !!! I wrote here about programs such as My Coke Rewards ,&  Kellogg's Family Rewards where when you purchase their brand items you accumulate "points" that can later be traded in for "rewards" at no extra cost to you . I have been a member of My Coke Rewards for awhile now and it has come in handy so many times . I struggle with the idea of paying for a magazine subscription now that I have these points . I even was able to use points to give magazine subscriptions to several friends for Christmas . It was a wonderful surprise for them and a gift that they will receive 12 times in a year . At least !

Well, today the fun bonus is brought to us by Kellogg's . Certain Kellogg products such as Keebler Club Crackers not only come with a Kellogg Family Reward point code inside, but also a free itunes down load . If you are a music fan even 1/8th as much as I am this is a wonderful bonus/reward . I still received whatever points the box of crackers had been worth and get the itunes down load . I also have some yummy crackers for my soup and salad :-)

The boxes that have the bonus music download are marked on the front letting know which product comes with this fun extra . Again, I just reiterate the thought, if you're going to be spending several bucks on a product it's worth a glance at the packaging to see if it comes from a company that offers awards programs or a fun bonus .  This box of crackers for example my box of crackers may have cost a little over $2.00 . I got 1. the crackers 2. a itunes download that on it's own would've cost $1.29 + tx  & 3. the kellogs rewards points that will later go toward something else .

 Have you found any fun surprises in your couponing & bargaining .

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