Friday, March 29, 2013

Bucket Lists

Today our town lost a family member . If you read or keep up with the news via USA Today , MSN , Knox News Sentinel , are linked to anyone in this small town or have even driven through it in the last week you are aware of the name Katelyn Norman . Katelyn is a 14 year old that found out her treatment for cancer was no longer working . After that kind of news I think most of us would simply hide away . Instead Katelyn made a bucket list which got her name, her disease and our small town on the radars of multiple media sources for the last week . Her bucket list and bright smile made a small town a community . Her story has reached so many people and touched them in so many ways that it's difficult to grasp the why of it all . I can't count the amount of times I've seen the phrase , "I don't know you , but........." , in the comment boxes of FB , posted news stories , etc . I too am one that did not have the pleasure of meeting this young lady in person, but I am touched and challenged by her life like so many others .

If you drive through our town you'll see green bows nearly everywhere , hung on store fronts , stop signs , all emergency vehicle antenna's , personal vehicles along with marquee's with words such as " pray for Katelyn" , " We're praying for the Norman family " & " We support Katelyn" . Her battle made this a town full of fighters . Tuesday many gathered to "light the night" on Katelyns behalf showing support for miles . When Katelyn couldn't attend her prom , number one on her bucket list , the town took the prom to her . There are photo's all over the web of her looking down from her hospital window to a group of people who did and didn't know her holding candles , signs , wearing green and singing for her . I can't imagine what her family feels . I won't even pretend to come close to the loss they feel right now . I would hope that somehow in some small way all the notes, texts , FB posts , etc. that they are receiving some how comfort them in this time . I would also hope they could find a peace in the inspiration that this young life has become to so many . I've seen multiple status', profile and cover photo's changed to green ribbons or phrases such as "Live Like Kate" .

Last night as I found myself praying for Katelyn and her family I too became inspired by her bright spirit . She didn't hide away in the face of impossible news , she made a bucket list of things to look forward too . She inspired countless people to move out of their comfort zones and to do things a little different for awhile . It got me thinking not only on my own bucket list , but on the question of why do we wait till it seems impossible to make a list of things we'd love to do with our lives , loved ones , and talents ? Katelyn did not get to complete her bucket list here on earth . I'm sure in the presence of Angels it's not much of a concern to her now .

What will it take for the rest of us to not just make a bucket list , but begin marking off the to-do's of our bucket list ? We make a retirement fund and when are old enough to use it most are too worn out to use it for anything it was originally meant it for . We save our vacation days , money , and special outfits for an occasion that we seem to only keep saving for instead of actually doing . I'm not by any means a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of person , but I keep thinking about a quote I heard while in college. Our Chancellor was known for controversy as much as he was anything else . He had received more than his share of threats . One particular week it had been the campus chatter that he'd received yet another and more serious one . I can't even recall the details now . That Wednesday he stood in chapel assuring us to not be concerned for him. I can't recall his exact words , but the statement was basically "Until God is threw with me I'm bulletproof " . We all laughed because he way with words was incomparable . It reassured us . Calmed us . Challenged us . Challenged me . I've never forgotten his sentiment that day and I'm reminded of it even more now . Until God is done with me I should live fearless . Why be afraid of tomorrow ? Why spend all my time watching the news and  just being told stories ? I need to be out making my own .

As I have the challenge of Katelyns bucket list and Dr. Falwells words on my mind today I want to begin thinking and writing a bucket list of my own . It isn't a formal "to-do" of things that I MUST mark off or else I won't feel as though I lived . It will simply be a reminder . A Challenge . With all the rough spots we face in life it will be one of the things I look forward too . What will you do today ? Tomorrow ? Are you fearless ? What might your bucket list look like ? Now's the time .

"So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." - Matthew 6:34
"Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?" - Matthew 6:26
Now, this list may seem superficial to some , but to me it's things that at the moment seem impossible . I found in an old journal a written list of "Impossible Things" to God . I had followed the list with a statement similar too if it's Your will for me to.......then I need to see the following things happen in order to believe it . How brave am I to dare God ? LOL!! Well, as I look back on that list of "impossibles" I can say He marked through everyone . I stand amazed and yet I don't know why .
Stacie's Bucket List - In Progress....
I plan to add to and edit this list as I think of things .
- Spend a day writing in a Paris Cafe while enjoying coffee, macaroons
 and the sounds of people around me .
- Visit CoCo Chanels Apartment in Paris
- Attend a Christie's Auction
- Tell some one I love them....even if they don't love me back.
- Write for a magazine
- Make an article of clothing from the sketch & design down to the buttons
- Travel, Travel, Travel
- Volunteer (hospital, animal shelter , IDK)
- Visit Nate & Tricia in NC
- See C.Snow before she moves to Peru

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