Monday, April 1, 2013

Trash or Treasure

I'm a big believer in donating , recycling , repurposing and even tossing something if it's time . However the more I repurpose I have decided there are some things that you should never toss . Below is a list of things that I recommend keeping if you have the space to store it until it is needed . Otherwise , perhaps donate it to something like a goodwill , salvation army or thrift store . Keeping these things on hand will be helpful not just for your crafting , repurposing and home decor, but also can make a quick gift when you're in a jam .

Picture, Art or Mirror Frames - I wrote here , here , and here about varied projects I've completed with frames .

Ornaments - From any holiday are a wonderful addition to be kept in your crafting box . You never know when it'll be just thing to add to a frame , wreath or even gift wrap . Usually after a holiday you can find them on clearance for pocket change .

Baskets , Boxes & Other Varied Storage Containers as well as Empty Cookie , Coffee , or Pop Corn Tins are wonderful for painting and repurposing  - A few ideas can be found here  , and here .

Empty Jars or Bottles like Wine Bottles , Pickle or Condiment Jars , & Glass Candle Containers  -  Some inspiration can be found here.

As long as it can be washed out well enough to remove odor , remnants , etc. then it's worth keeping . I also suggest keeping a baggie or container of little odds and ends such as ribbon,  buttons , jewelry pieces that may have fallen or broken off , barrettes , etc . You just never know how handy they may be for a project like this one made by my friend Sarah .

I may be a crafting hoarder, but I find having a rubber maid full of this stuff stored under a bed is far more convenient than running to the store every time I need a little something when creative inspiration hits . What are some MUST HAVES that you suggest keeping on hand for crafting , repurposing , home and gift decor ? Where do you store your crafting supplies ?

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