Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All The Single Ladies

Happy Valentines Day !!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

            Some of you may cringe at those words or possibly even dislike me a bit for saying them with that many exclamation marks. But the truth of it is Valentines day is not just for those in love, married, engaged, elementary school parties, obsessive stalkers or otherwise. One of the many legends surrounding Valentines day includes that of the martyr who gave his life in defiance of the idea that people should remain single. Per tall tail he refused the kings law and performed the marriage ceremony of a young couple. His repercussion was death. Let's pretend that this is the actual "Heart" if you will of where Valentines day really comes from. If that is so, then the day isn't about the love of the young couple, but the sacrifice of the martyr. His belief as a single man, devoted to God that love should exist even if one doesn't partake in it the way most do and that we all should do our part to make it real for others if not ourselves.

             When my friend Ashlee's little girl Abbigale was just a brand new little thing I would do baby yoga with her. Stretch her little legs, arms, and do fun things that made her giggle, smile, and inevitably pee on Aunt Stacie. Now, I did hate getting tinkled on EVERY DERN TIME, but I couldn't resist those chubby lil' legs and that too cute baby giggle. One of my other favorite things to do would be standing her up on the counter, my hands safely and firmly around her baby tummy, and sing a little Destiny's Child while making her dance. I mean what young woman doesn't need to be reminded that she is "Bootylicious" or that "All the women who independent" should "Throw your hands up at me". And that "All the honeys who makin' money" should also "Throw your hands up at me". I mean it should be instilled at a very young age that all a woman ever needs to know about being confident, independent and strong she can learn from a DC tune.

Abbigale Ruth - Who could resist that smile ?!
            My point is, that there is no need to pout, cry, or be brought down by this sparkly and sometimes overwhelming "holiday". I feel that while I am single it is my duty to spend my time loving those around me and remind them of the importance their love has been to my life. As well as being grateful for the love I've expereinced and continue to experience daily from my family, amazing friends and forgiving God.  Yesterday, a day early, but still, I delivered a few Valentines to some of my biggest supporters. It brought joy to my heart and a smile to my face to know they felt loved by me. It wasn't a huge sacrifice. I did not have to defy a king and what not, but it did cost a penny or two and it took some time and creativity.

Home Made Chocolate Raspberry Trifle (personal size)
Home Made Valentines ( mailed late)


Heart Shaped Baking Pans Make Things Taste Better

       Love is a sacrifice no matter who is giving, receiving, or wanting it. It is the one thing that all people are fueled by. The lack of it, the desire for it, the expression of it, the pain and joy it causes. Recognize it or not, you too are fueled by love. Be confident in that. Use that to let someone who doesn't feel the power that comes from it "feel the love". Tell someone they are "Bootylicious". Give a shout to the ladies and gentlemen who gracefully survive this day with out bitterness oozing from their lips. Take a note from the romantics around you. Be vulnerable. Be real. Be Love!!

 Abbigale's little sister Piper Jane expressing her feelings on the topic of Vday!
This for those of you who just cant help but hate on it.

"I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short,
chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon." ~Author Unknown

With Much Love -

Stacie & Jack <3

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