Saturday, February 11, 2012

The House That Built Me

Cumberland View Baptist Church

          Most people grow up and look back at memories surrounding a childhood home. A tree in the yard that they fell out of. Marks in the bedroom closet of their growing. Stains on the carpet from spilled kool-aide. I did not grow up in one home all my life. My parents divorced when I was five and hence the changing of residence began. I do recall one of my very first bedrooms. It had pink carpet and was HUGE. Well, I suppose it may not have been all that huge so much as I was that small and so it seemed huge. It was Strawberry Shortcake themed and I loved it. I still long for that pink carpet even today. And I sure do have the Strawberry Shortcake lamp in my current room. I love the idea of using it in my future daughters room some day.  I always have and always will be the girl who LOOOOVES pink!! I don't even care if you do judge me for it. Won't change my mind one bit!!

         One constant in my life has been church. My family made sure that I had the opportunity to attend Sunday school, church, youth group and vacation Bible school growing up. And any other social event that was sponsored by the church or attended by family. I do not have siblings to help keep me entertained so I looked forward to every chance to do something new and get out where the people were. I looked forward to riding the bus to and from VBS in the summers. It will come as a surprise to most, but I adored leading the sing along on the bus. We would sing all the VBS songs we had learned each night. I'm not exactly sure where that girl went, but I no longer adore singing in public.

         I recently found myself with a few minutes to burn on my way to meet someone. So, I decided to take an old country back road that I hadn't been on in safely ten years. As I rounded the corner there it sat so small, bright and perfect. The church where I came to know the Lord. I decided to park for a few minutes and let it sink in. The building itself is no longer the main place services are held. They have a newer and larger building down the road. It's nice to see the three church building side by side. The encouragement that comes with the idea of church growth and the need for a larger building. It's a physical reminder of God's promises and faithfulness. It's also a good slap in the face for this girl that sometimes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is a great methodology for leading/participating in church. As I sat there remembering all the different times spent in that little country church I got a bit emotional. Across from the church is a graveyard. It is where most of the family that have already gone to be with Jesus are laid to rest. I thought about the different people I have loved, that impacted me so greatly and are gone to be with the Lord, this mixed with the memories that the church brought back sent me into a bit of a reminiscent whirlwind.

          I know that I have in different ways and at different times failed the God that saved me. I'm grateful He continues to love me in spite of all these failures. I also know that I've disappointed those that had such a huge role in my upbringing, salvation, and general existence. I'm grateful for their unconditional love as well. My newest thought is toward the idea of the responsibility we carry not with our last name or job title, but to those who made us who we are. The establishments, family obligations,  religious teachings, educational, physical, and emotional disciplines we learned as kids. I remember so clearly the burning in my heart and the shaking of my knee's that night I went to the alter in that tiny church. Why do I not wake with that same burning ? Why does it take looking at the building to remind me of the importance of that night and the responsibility I accepted in taking the name Christian ? Humanity, perhaps. Sin nature, maybe. Laziness, sure.

         As I continue to do my best at trusting God for my future. I need to also begin trusting His completed work in my past and the joy it brings me to realize that He has done so much for me. The people I've had the privilege to know, love and be loved by. I should not long for my days of solitude to be over and I don't. I am grateful for each and every solitary moment. Just as all those days filled with things to do and people to encourage me had a role in making me better, so do the days of quiet, solitude, and meditating, "The soul that has been enriched by communion with God will not be dismayed by isolation, but will welcome solitude".  I can easily say that if there is any one building in my past that holds childhood memories it is Cumberland View Baptist Church. The houses, apartments, and dorm rooms all were temporary and ever changing. That sweet country church however remains the same. I have a responsibility to be the person it helped create. I am a representative of not just the Lord's saving powers, but of the church He used to get me to them.

Quote by Come Away My Beloved Daily Devotional by Fracnes J. Roberts

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  1. I love that your sweet country church has remained the same...kind of like a beautiful reminder that HE remains the same...I know He has an exciting new adventure planned for you!