Monday, February 6, 2012

Blogs I Follow and Why You Should Too!!

I think my fellow blogger's deserve a shout out. This version of putting yourself out there for critique, rejection, encouragement and support I think is bit on the brave side. I mean, it is called the world wide web, so the opportunities for rejection or negative criticism are vast. For me blogging is sharing apart of my heart and journey. It isn't something I get paid to do or something I do for the promotion of a item, product, company, etc. I blog for the purpose of being a voice I didn't have the chance to hear in my own walk. I feel the blogs below share a similar philosophy. I encourage you to check them out and maybe even start your own.  - Joe Painter - As the only male on my list I'll place his blog first. Gentlemen first in this situation. Joe is my political go to guy, actually he has probably become my go to guy on many subjects. Quiet possibly the smartest guy I know. Joe and his brother are going on a bike trip this summer across Ohio. For those of you who share my philosophy that walking from the bedroom to the living room counts as a work, must know how impressed I am with this goal. The brother's goal is not just physical. Joe's brother Jason is a cancer survivor and both have joined in the effort of helping people become more aware. As well as alerting people to how everyone can do their part in the fight against cancer. Everyone knows someone that's been touched in some way by the disease. The Painter's have a financial goal as well as a physical one for this race. You can find out more, donate and follow their journey on their page listed above. - Cindy Cook - A sister not only in the faith, but in the ministry. Cindy and I co-ministered in the work of RD (resident director) at a Bible based university for the last five years. We share many of the same interests in arts, crafts, baking, and the Bible. She is easily a person I can point to and say that with out her I would not have survived. We are totally opposite in so many ways, but it is those differences that the Lord saw fit to put together to work for His glory. Proudly we both served, survived and have moved onto new things. But our bond, I feel I can safely say will be forever. You don't survive the things we survived and not have a bond that lasts for life. Cindy is a gifted teacher and disciple of the Word. She has a heart for women's ministry and for her role as a wife and home maker. In her blog you will find everything from coupons, DIY crafts/recipes to Bible studies and life lessons. - Dana Ayers - One of my bff's from high school. I have managed to keep up with very few of my fellow Class of 97' survivors. Dana and I along with a few others goofed off, went "crusin", and survived high school together. Dana and I accomplished graduating college and moving off into the "real world" while maintaining our friendship. I don't think too many people make it out of high school and move on into the world while keeping the same bff. Yes, she knows many of my secrets, but she'd never tell. She now lives in DC and leads a ever active and adventurous life. Her blog is humorous to say the least. Only in her world do some of these crazy things happen. - Dana Brown Ritter - College is a time of meeting MANY different people. Some similar to you and some not. Dana and I shared similar interest in both being COMS majors, on drama teams, floor leadership, loud and crazy!!! Dana is that girl that you never doubted would attain her professional goals. She somehow always went to bed way before the rest of us ever thought about it. HA! She is the next Katie Couric for sure!! She now, is also in DC working for a network and living life with her hubby. Her story is more than I could ever begin to share in a paragraph, but she is a wonderful writer/producer with her thumb on the political scene right now. It seems per her FB status she is always on her way to another debate or sifting through video's of said debates. Her love story is one that always makes me cry. I'm a sap like that. I love a good love story. You can read about her, her hubby, and their ministry on their site above. - Autumn Carey Miles - Another college friend!! Autumn and I ministered together in a women's ministry called True Identity. Her sister and I were accountability partners and her brother was apart of a traveling ministry team that I worked for. Autumn had a amazing story when we met and it has only gotten more encouraging as she has traveled on her journey with the Lord. She is now a wife and mother of two. She has begun a women's ministry of her own focused toward young girls in the college and teenage market. Her heart is a wonderful example of one focused on Jesus and the calling He has on a person's life. If you hear her speak you will notice immediately her deep desire to love like Christ and to share His grace with the beautiful young ladies living in today's society and the image today's society portrays for young ladies. I often find myself getting teary eyed as I read her blogs and updates. I share her passion for letting females know they are of worth!! If you have a heart for women's ministry or are even a mom, sister, daughter, aunt, or a female you will find her blog worth reading.