Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Everything I Know

.....I learned from not listening. I bet you saw the title of this and thought, "Well, this will be short and sweet". HA!! It's o.k. I understand.
A few days ago I went on a Biblical scavenger hunt for a story that I had heard at least a dozen times and read probably just as many. I could not for the life of me recall its reference. That's the thing about my lil' mind. It is great at holding all sorts of useless information and having the ability to recall it at the drop of a hat. But when it comes to actual, important, and useful knowledge it's like looking for a needle in a hay stack. I blame the dominance of my creative half of the brain. As I used Internet search engines, scanned through my Bible, and text a few of my Bible major friends the reference just seemed to elude us all. During this time of verse hide and go seek I had been in a rather foul mood. I wasn't as diligent about my time in the Word or in prayer. I didn't feel well and just flat out wanted to do nothing. I wanted brain candy (i.e. t.v., magazines, internet uselessness, etc.). But the idea of this story wouldn't and hasn't gone away. Finally a friend of mine found the scripture and sent me the reference I needed via e-mail. I was still indulging my laziness when the info was sent so it wasn't until this morning that I looked at my Bible and other devo items that I found it there waiting for me. I didn't even need the reference sent to me. As I sat down and opened my books and journal it sat staring at me. The verse I had been searching for somewhat diligently for the last 4 days was there waiting for me. I have a small devo book I read daily. I'm sure if you keep up with my writings, Facebook or twitter the title will come as no surprise, Come Away My Beloved by Francis Roberts. It is a book one of mentors used to aid in discipling me and another. It was so moving and specific to me each time that as a gift my mentor gave me a copy that was dated. Each day there is a specific Bible passage, challenge, encouragement, story, application, etc. And wouldn't you know it, had I gone against my flesh and sat down to do my devo's four days ago there it would've been. Waiting on me. Perfectly placed where I could easily find it. I plan to write on the passage, why I searched for it, and what I learned from it at a later time. I still need to gather myself after this heavenly version of "Punked".
I say all of this to say, do we have to learn the hard way? As I've gotten older I'd like to think I've also gotten a tad wiser. Learned from my mistakes and caught on to the advantage of taking advice from others. I'd like to think that my past mistakes will heal, without repetition turning them into scars.  Only time will tell if "what I'd like to think" about who I am, becomes or is the truth about me. I want to encourage those of you who feel a few steps behind to hear what those in front of you are saying. Those words they use that sound like Charlie Brown's teacher "wha wha wha wha wha", just might be something useful to you. It very well may be for your betterment, protection, and enlightenment. I look back at the paths I've taken and while I do not doubt that God was with me all the way. Guiding, looking after, and loving me with each and every step and mis-step I now see how many "mistakes" I chose to make. How many times I followed my flesh instead of the Spirit's leading and the pain or needless searching it caused me. I hear the words of guidance from those placed in front of me at different times in my life echoing still and I find myself thinking, "if only I had listened to them, than (fill in the blank)".  I choose to not regret the path that has brought me where I am today. But I do hope that this helps make your path much smoother. I hope it leads you to search in the right places for your answers. Perhaps what you're looking for is right in front of you?

2 Samuel 22:20 "He brought me forth also into a large place, he delivered me, because he delighted in me."
"It is the most stressful part of our lives to resist where we are." - Unknown
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