Thursday, January 26, 2012

He'd Be Looking For Me If He Knew

Today I was in a meeting and a story was told concerning the hunt for the right employee. One of the employee's made the joke that if the employer had known they where out there, they'd been looking for them specifically instead of the "blind hunt" that comes with a sea of applicants. "If he'd known I was what was out there he would've been looking for me for sure!" As I laughed and agreed with the difficulties of "hunting blind" when it comes to work and workers, the idea settled in me about how true this "hunting blind" idea is in so may different areas of our life. I once heard on a T.V. show that "she's trying to get here as quick as she can". Suggesting that "the one" would get to her pursuer as quickly as possible if he kept looking for her in his world. Do we live our lives in such a way that our pursuers know we are who they are looking for ? Does the lady in waiting know that who she is waiting for isn't just a dreamed up ideal of a man/pursuer? We've heard the jokes that a neon sign would help. Something pointing and blinking to the right choice, direction, person, etc. How would either of these know considering what is being presented in today's world?

As I watch different television shows that highlight the struggles of single life, dating, & relationships  I become more and more bothered by how singles are portrayed. The males are portrayed as "players" or "emotionally unattached" with little intelligence or concern about anything other than attaining multiple physical "relationships" and the avoidance of a "committed relationship". The females aren't portrayed much better. Usually some sort of emotionally damaged, mentally fragile, talk tough, but cave at the first sweet word spoken version of "today's woman". I have specific examples in my head as I write. Where are the handsome, intelligent, put together, know what they aren't just as much as what they are men ? Where are the beautiful, balanced, not waiting for a man, o.k. with no second date if it wasn't a awesome first date, ladies ? Have they gone the way of the dinosaurs ? Of course pursuers have no idea how to find who they are looking for, look at who the single females are being portrayed as. The idea for these portrayals of men and women had to come from somewhere. Right? I would feel defeated before the battle too!!

Here's the quote Maya Angelou, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them." I go back to the idea of graceful singleness. Be a gentlemen, be a lady, be the person others could emulate, write about, and portray on television. Do not lesser your faith by making these depictions of hopeless, heartless and helpless singles factual. Your pursuer can not know you are who they are looking for if you do not carry your self in such a way as to cause the neon sign to go off ! Do not cling to someone simply for the idea of  a "relationship". I've said it before I'll say it again, trust that the Father has a plan for you. If He is so big as to know every star in the sky and every grain of sand on a beach, I believe He is big enough to know our every want and need for a successful and healthy relationship. Be honest with yourself and possibly someone else too. If you aren't ready for a relationship.....don't be in one. Singleness is o.k. If it is what you've been called to, EMBRACE IT. Not everyone was made for the role of husband or wife. I'll close with this quote from Come Away My Beloved by Francis Roberts, "I have stood beside you through the times of endurance, and I smiled knowing what was in store for you. "

Smile, He has something great in store for you!!

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  1. You have so much good advice to offer to young girls.