Monday, February 27, 2012

Just One More Minute, Hour, or Day!!!

How often have you been running late or fighting to just be on time and found your self yelling at whomever is waiting for you "one more minute !?".  When I worked two jobs I can't tell you how many times I would proclaim "If only there were more hours in the day!!!".  It seems to me we often find ourselves begging for more time. Well, I have good news. For the first time in 1,460 days our cries have been heard. This year we have one more day, 24ish more hours, and 1,440 more minutes. Its Leap Year!!! According to my lil' bit o research it takes the earth 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes and 46 seconds to revolve around the sun. And apprently the early Egyptions were the first to notice. If we did not have leap year scientist say that after 100 years our calendar as we know it would be off by 24 days!!! Odd how the "small things" add up, huh ?

I've been thinking about leap year most of the month it seems. The idea of it. The oddness of it. The brains that figured it out. The fact that we trust those brains to not be pulling a excellent trick on us. The one thought that has kept resurfacing is, "what would you do with one more day ?". Would it be any different ? Would you fit something in that you normally couldn't or wouldn't ?  Will you do something extravigant ? Is it like a full moon where all out of the normal behavior can be justified by the movement of the earth and the solar system around it ? Also found in my research is the Irish/Scottish descending tradition of ladies proposing to gentlemen. It was deemed the one day that it was acceptable and if a man refused a proposal he was expected to pay by way of a kiss, silk dress or jewelry. Now, I'm not at all about being the one who pursues, but if I can get some awesome presents out of it I just may make an acception this one day ouf of four years. It's worth giving a second thought too.

All this fun facts and rambling to say, What would you do with one more day ? I'd love to know!  Just keep in mind it will be 1,460 more days before we get this chance again.  

Happy Birthday to all the Leaplings!!


  1. Thanks so much Adriene!! I really appreciate your encouragement of my writing! Writing is such a theraputic thing for me. Hope your day is bright and sunny in Chatt!!