Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Re-Post ~ Boyfriends & Husbands ~ Valentines 2014

In honor of Valentines Day one of my goals this week is to dedicate my FB status' , Instagrams', and Blog posts to LOVE !!! Perhaps in the form of "advice", entertaining stories (that will involve people who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent....and idiotic) and ideas for those of you that struggle with this "holiday" in one way or another .

This post in particular goes out to the boyfriends and husbands of my besties ! As you can read HERE there are a awful lot of special ladies in my life that I am privileged enough to call sister/bestie . With that said I tend to expect a lot of the men who attempt to or who have won the hearts of these women . Even though I expect a lot , I also know these guys aren't mind readers , nor do they enjoy spending endless hours shopping just to end up with a box of candy . So, to all my besties reading this post , just leave it up on your computer "accidentally" so your fella can read it . :-)

The thing that most guys tend to miss about special occasions such as Valentines is that it isn't about the money you spent , but rather the time and thought you gave to an item or event . (Side Note: Fellas if the lady you are dating cares more about the money than the thought ,  then you may need to reevaluate your lady. #justsayin') . I say it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time , but it really is the thought that counts . Guys , knowing that you took the time to think about what might bring a smile to our face or make us feel especially special tends to turn us all ooey gooey (i.e. thoughtfulness = we wanna kiss your face !!!) . Here are a few ideas to perhaps help you or inspire as you think , preplan , prepare , and execute your Valentines Day ! I will also add some links to further help you as you plan .

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(This should be common sense , but these are all activities to do minus your children . While there is no question your baby momma loves them babies.....a real romantic night is sans wee ones .) #truthtellin'
SPA DAY - It is a go-to slam dunk !! I honestly do not know one friend that wouldn't love a mani , pedi , massage , facial or all of the above . BONUS POINTS : You join her . (Side Note: Couple Massages are for married folks . #don't be sleazy) . Back in the day when I had money for such things my favorite massage place was Natural Body Spa and Shop .

High Quality Spa Services, Beautiful Environment

DINNER & MOVIE - O.k. You are thinking that this is a normal weekend date night idea . You are wrong . Hang a sheet on a wall , get out a projector (some libraries let you rent them if you don't own one) , hook it up to your lap top or dvd player , gather pillows, blankets , and either 1. her favorite take out or 2. (bonus points) you cook dinner and BAM it's "drive-in" movie night . Weather permitting it is also a fun outside idea !! You can reserve a DVD online for under 2 bucks at RedBox , after you reserve all that's left to do is pick it up !!

FLOWERS - Why do women like getting flowers so much ? They're just gonna die anyway , right ? ANSWER : Again , I go back to the thought . The gift of sending flowers to her at work or at her home is yet another way of letting her know she is on your mind . It truly doesn't matter if it is roses or hand picked daisy's we simply love knowing that in the midst of whatever else your day holds , there was a moment you spent thinking of us . Here is a link to FTD one of the most trusted flower delivery services - FTD .

The Sweet Surprises® Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLUDED- Deluxe

CANDY - O.K. This one honestly is risky . Every girl I know is on a diet or work out plan of some sort . So, this takes really knowing your lady . Some girls will break the diet to enjoy the fun candy for one night or it will sit on the counter and ruin . Don't waste dollars just because you think it is a "safe buy" . Be sure your girl isn't on a all liquid diet or something crazy before you make this one a part of your Valentine plan . If she is a candy girl then you should know that FTD also does candy delivery or there is Russell Stover and Dylans Candy Bar . If she is on a health kick but still has a sweet tooth you could do Edible Arrangements . I just had a friend brag on her bf via instagram for one of these .

MORE SPARKLE THAN A DIAMOND - Name a star after her !! I know it is almost the cheesiest thing you could do, but I swear when she looks up at the sky she will think of you ! And yes, this is actually a thing . Since I have not done this myself I do not have a registry to recommend from personal experience . But I am sure it can be googled and give you multiple sites to compare with .

JEWELRY - If you aren't ready to get her a diamond then may I recommend something just as wonderful , Stella and Dot . Stella and Dot offer so many choices there will surely be something that suits your lady's style !! The links in this post will direct you to my friend Lieslel who is a Stella and Dot consultant . If you have questions on shipping , cost , availability etc. she will be able to guide you . If you aren't ready to make a jewelry purchase of any kind than you can check my previous post , HERE for other items such as bags, cooking supplies , etc. All the ladies in that post I personally recommend and trust as a consultant and sales person for their specific items !

SWEET MIX TAPE - Yes, a very 80's type of gift, but a rockin' one at that . I posted HERE about how you can download some free tunes . If you go the mix tape route then let me recommend adding Tyler Hilton's "I belong" and "Next to You" . I think everyone loves a mix tape !! She can down loaded to her computer , ipod and keep it with her in the car !!

DINNER & A SHOW - Out on the Town - Reservations ! Take her to a place that takes reservations . Why ? When you walk up to the hostess , tell her your name , and are lead to a table it does what ?? Shows your girl you took the time ahead of time to pre plan and again....were thinking of her even when you weren't with her . You can also pre-purchase movie tickets at Fandango . Or if your girl is more of a theater/symphony buff you can google your local or nearest venue . If you are near or going to be around the Knoxville area you can check out - .

SEE THE SIGHTS - Every city I have lived in has or is near something that is unique , beautiful and worth a visit to . My "go-to", go to's would be places like museums , distillery's (yes, some girls like knowing exactly how Jack Daniels is made...if this is your girl you should probably go ahead and put a ring on it) , the symphony , or unique architecture/earthly wonders (i.e. Chattanooga's walking bridge - every city doesn't have that , the natural bridge in VA - if your lady is outdoorsy this is a good one, Seattle's Space Needle) the list could go on and on . Just do a little online or word of mouth research for where you live . You know best what interests your girl so the key is to adapt your trips/walks/ around that . Here are a few links to help you with ideas , details etc . Hunter Museum , Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokeys , Jack Daniels ,&  Nashville Preds - Hockey .

OUT OF THE BOX - I have many "couple friends" and most of them are amazing at out of the box date nights . Out of the box is going to be a term that can only be defined by you . What is considered out of the box to one couple may be the norm for another . However , I consider these to be not the normal Friday night date - Wine Tasting & Painting (some winery's offer a class with the tour of their facilities such as painting, cooking, etc . I have had several friends do the Gatlinburg Wine Tour and loved it . Here is a link to Rocky Top Winery & Mountain Valley Winery I believe both are apart of the tour, or at least once were . Cooking Class - I can not help but think that cooking together is one of the most fun things a couple can do together . Especially if it isn't surrounded by children screaming for food or the pressure of hosting a dinner . Just the two of you , learning a new dish and meeting other couples . It seems like couples enjoy meeting other couples for the same fact singles enjoy knowing other singles , when we share our life experiences with someone else who is going through the same thing , it helps us feel a little less crazy and a little more normal . Here are just a few more "Out of the Box" ideas .  Paint your own pottery , a dance class , a night at the gym (yes working out together can be a fun date) , or something I have on my bucket list is shooting . (NRA haters can just scroll past this part) I may be 100% wrong, but I think taking a girl to a gun range can be such a fun date !!! EVERY ONE of my single girl friends site "manliness" or "ruggedness" as a important quality in a guy . And there is nothing more manly (in my humble opinion) than a guy who can not only protect you , but can show you how to protect yourself .

O.K. I know that has been a lot for you to digest , but I hope that it helps you to get the inspiration and pre-planning going . I know that some of this is more couple focused , but quiet a few of the ideas above would also make for great group dates if you are just starting to get to know someone . I hope as the week goes on to add group date , singletons , as well as a few other ideas to the blog . Stay tuned . Happy Valentines to you all !!!

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What are you planning for Valentines day ? Do you have a tradition ? Please feel free to share in the comments . I would love to hear every one's plans and creativity !!!



  1. The incline is free from 10-6!!! In Chattanooga btw. And great ideas! And a free brownie at the top

    1. Awesome !!!! Thanks so much for the info. If you think of anything else be sure and let me know.

  2. This is fr my friend Telisha. For some reason it wouldn't let her post.

    hm… totally just tried to comment on your blog and then a bunch of stuff happened on the screen and google told me i was not authorized to do so and and told me to contact Google administrator. LOL. SO, instead I will comment here! I loved this :) Might I also add that the Georgia Winery is such fun in February. Charlie & I went last year during Valentines month and they have the wine tasting and on Saturdays in Feb they have a lady who makes amazing chocolate to taste as well (all for free!). They also have a wine and chocolate pairing event that is sometime in Feb. Pretty sure they're doing it again this year. :