Saturday, February 1, 2014

First of February Freebies & Valentines Pre-Thinking
Some of these deals will end this weekend others will be around for awhile . So, be sure to check the details on each link before clicking purchase . I feel like these are great deals that I need to share with you all . Starting with................. , this deal ends Sunday February 2, 2014 11:59 P.M. PT . Use code XOXOCARDS for 10 free cards from Shutterfly . You will have to pay shipping , but I have learned it is a fair cost/deal when getting personalized cards . Especially considering it will save me a trip to the store and the agony of reading 100 cards . They also offer addressing and stamping of your card , but that will of course add an extra charge to your purchase above shipping . I usually use these kinds of deals to get ahead on birthday or holiday cards .
5x7 Folded Card
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E-Cards with a Cause - mommasgonecity is a instagramer that I stated following several months ago . Once you see her daily dose of cuteness displayed in her toddler and newly adopted pup, #theoandbeau , you kinda become addicted . It has been amazing to watch what this rescue pup has done for their family as well as the shelter he was rescued from . In the spirit of LOVE and all that their rescue pup Theo , has brought has partnered with to create a FREE Theo and Beau Valentine e-card . For every share, $.50 will be donated to @santacruzspca up to $5,000 . Yes, this is a shelter outside of your community, but it is a shelter none the less and it costs you nothing !! Jack Davis has already started a list of Valentines he wants to send one too . is a site for artists to offer up free samples of their upcoming releases . I know a lot of people are hesitant to purchase from new artists simply off of buzz . This gives you chance to check out some music , plump up your audio library , and perhaps support some up and coming musicians and writers all for FREE . I have recently downloaded tunes from varied genres so don't worry about there being something in your style . Once you download with them they will send you e-mails to keep you updated on new releases, etc . I'm currently jamming to some Tyler Hilton - Studio Sessions and I love it .
If you are looking to add to your music library you should download  iTunes if you don't already have it . They often promote new artists , new releases , etc. with a Single of the Week . These singles are FREE !!! Sometimes they lead no where and sometimes they are your first note of something amazing . Some of my fave Singles of the Week have been from artists such as Zac Brown Band , HAIM , David Nail , Orianthi , and many other amazing artists that are now or on their way to being well known . I would also suggest downloading the Starbucks ap for this same reason . Weekly they will message you through the ap a free download . Sometimes it is music , other times it is another ap, game , or a book  . I have gotten many great FREE tunes from Starbucks ap from artists such as She and Him , Arcade Fire , Young the Giant , and Mary J. Blige . In my opinion when there is free music out there you really have no excuse for a flimsy music library .
Papa Johns - If you are keeping up with the trends you already know that most pizza places have adapted their ordering process for online orders . With this ever growing trend Papa Johns has created a point system where when you order via online ,  you gain points toward future orders and freebies . You all know how I love a Rewards Program !!! With Super Bowl weekend , Peyton Manning as a Papa Johns spokes person as well as playing in the big game they are offering points on this weekends orders toward a future free pizza order with promo code PJMVP . If I understand correctly , when ordering your pizza online you need to add the promo code PJMVP and it will later add a free pizza credit up to $15.00 onto your Papa Johns account .  Click on THIS LINK to find out more about setting up an account , ordering online and what it takes to get a free pizza ! Don't forget to tip your delivery people folks !!!! This specific deal is only good through Super Bowl weekend and it's points/rewards will not appear until Monday February 3rd or after .
Alright guys , I will keep you updated with other great deals and freebies as I come across them, but with this post alone you could arrange for an amazing personalized card , sweet mix tape , and dinner all at little to no cost !! Valentines is just around the corner !!! If you are looking to get your online shop on then may I direct you to my post from several weeks ago , "Get Your Purse , We're Going Shopping" . It will lead you to some amazing links such as Stella and Dot , Mary Kay , Pampered Chef , Drowsy Aurora and several others that can help you get just the perfect Valentine for your Valentine !!
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