Monday, February 24, 2014

Apple Pie ~ A Quick Fix

Necessity is the mother of invention or so they say . I am not sure that this was a necessity so much as it was a snow day craving . I have a notorious sweet tooth and I blame my grandfather for it . I have seen him eat candy for breakfast when he thought no one was paying attention . Until now I have kept that secret safe for him . Anyway , after a trek in the snow chasing after my snow pup Jack Davis I really wanted something sweet . I did the normal combing of cabinets, fridge, and freezer looking for inspiration when I came across these two items I had purchased on a , "we'll see" basis .

I have become a Healthy Choice Frozen Greek Yogurt fan and shall proclaim it's awesomeness to all who will listen !!! They are 100 calories per prepackaged bowl and the box seen here comes with three bowls . They also have four flavors, but I lean toward the vanilla bean simply because you can add to it easier than say blueberry . The Dole Apple Crisp comes in a pack of two bowls and contains cinnamon apple squares and granola/oats . They can be eaten as is or heated . On this particular evening I heated up the apple bowl , poured its contents over a frozen Greek yogurt and then sprinkled the granola/oats over both of those . AMAZING !! Quick, simple , and bit lower in cals and fat in comparison to actual apple pie with ice cream . As I said this is a quick fix for a sweet tooth ! If you are a apple pie fan I would highly suggest this little mix .
What snack or meal creations have you made in this winter weather ?!

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