Monday, February 3, 2014

Story Tellin' - #1- Coupon Boot Camp - Go On W/O Me the Missions is More Important

While this blogs purpose is to mainly share about my daily faith walk....or sometimes lack of faith walk I also like to take the opportunity I have here to share fun stories . I feel like a lot of my stories tend to have a little lesson to them , but I wanted to share this one and possible  a few others just for funsies !! My past stories have been centered around family , former roomies and besties . This one will be no different .

Today I had to wake up super early......for me . So, instead of going back to bed after my early morning to-do's I decided to make the most of my time . I must say between my coupon scores , to-do's marked off the list , and what not I am feeling pretty good about the day . While I was calculating my coupon savings and cutting coupons for future needs I was reminded of a hilarious incident with the friend that got me into couponing . I'm unsure if you ever give the cashier your e-mail when they ask , but I do . It has only profited me in the past with  amazing coupons . Todays memory is linked to one of those amazing coupons !! It was a spend $10.00 get $10.00 off your purchase . That's right , free money so if I only spent $10.00 I would walk out with a free item(s) . With my coupon & coupon mentor in tow we headed to the store rather excitedly to spend my "free" money !!! Now there is always fine print such as you have to spend $10.00 exactly . It can't be $9.99 and still receive the discount . My friend and I began our hunt in some of our favorite spots such as the jewelry section , stationary , etc . I found a journal and was determined to not spend more than the $10.00 coupon . With that exact $10.00 requirement it can get frustrating finding just the right priced item(s), especially if you don't go in with something in mind . I know you are thinking that is far too much trouble just for $10.00 . Well on this day I started to think the same thing . I literally found myself sitting in the floor of the sock section telling my friend I just wouldn't use the coupon ( in a "go on with out me , the mission is more important") tone . Then she leans down and in a very stern voice says ,"THAT'S FREE MONEY !! WE ARE SPENDING IT !!!" . I imagine this is what coupon boot camp might look like if coupon boot camp was a thing . P.S. DIBS on making coupon book camp a thing ! When the sales lady came over to see if we needed any help we , in unison , grumbled "NO!" I did end up with enough items to use my "free money" and we left the store laughing as well as victorious . Today I actually laughed out loud as I recalled her determination to help me save $10.00 . That's what good friends my book anyway . They alert you to freebies online , "remind you when your kohl's cash is going to expire" ,  and help you max out your "free money" coupons !!
Happy Shopping to You !!
May your friends be the discount drill sergeant you need in your weaker moments !!

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